Hello everyone, this is Dr. Trish Murray – physician, author, and the Health Catalyst Speaker. Here on our episode today, entitled “DNA Hacker Secrets,” I’m interviewing Dr. Brian Ramos. Hi Brian, how are you today?

Good, and you? Thank you for having me!

Oh! Well Brian and I met when we were both instructors (or leaders) at a retreat recently in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We had a ball! That was such a fun time, wasn’t it Brian?

It was amazing! I wish I was there right now!

Yeah! It was pre-COVID19 insanity. We were sort of in paradise for a week and came back to all hell breaking loose! Didn’t we Brian?

Exactly! I had to cancel all of my events.

Oh, yeah. That’s a big problem right now for so many people. Of course, we still can do these interviews and give people insights and keep teaching and speaking and exposing people to these amazing ideas of for example being able to hack your DNA! I’m really exciting about this conversation with you today.

I’m going to read your bio here and fill people in on a bit of your background which is pretty amazing. Why don’t I get right to it? Dr. Brian Ramos, affectionately known as “Ram” by his closest students and clients, earned his bachelor’s degree in clinical microbiology from the University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez in 1999 before obtaining his Ph.D. in neurobiology from Yale University in 2005. Dr. Ramos is a neuroscientist, author, stress specialist, and a yoga master. He is a teacher, not a speaker, with a powerful voice in the mental health field and an advocate of reconnecting with nature to re-establish health and harmony not just in ourselves but also in the ecosystem.

He is the creator of the Art of Stress-Free Living Retreats and his revolutionary DNA Hacker Mastermind Group where he teaches how to master the art of living stress- and disease-free. Dr. Ramos is the author of numerous publications in the area of neuroscience and molecular psychiatry with a special interest in stress-related disorders, functional enhancement, and anti-aging. He has studied advanced yoga practices for close to twenty years in an effort to discover self-realization and master the techniques he teaches his clients and students with the goal of freeing them of stress, disease, and fear. He works from within and without to reprogram your entire body and transform your relationship with it.

Wow, Brian! That’s quite a background and very intriguing the different things and how you work with people. One question I love to always start with with everybody is because we all have our story to how we got to where we are. How did you come to be of service the way you are presently?


I think I’ve always wanted to do something of service. I’ve never really been interested in money, pride, prestige. Anything that I do even if I charge for something, it’s never with the intention of me taking that money for myself. I always view it as energy to serve more.

At a young at I had a really good role model in my dad. For an era where people’s health wasn’t what it is today with fitness. My dad was ahead of his time. He wasn’t as perfected I think in the mastery of art of living as I think I am at this point in my life, but for the time that he lived, he was a great inspiration. At a young age when I was in college, I had already started to delve and start to research. I’ve always been an advocate of direct experience. I’ve always tried to… whatever I am going to be teaching I want to be a master of it. I want to be a role model of it. I don’t like to teach something and then I’m not really a good role model of what I teach. At a young age I was already striving towards that. I remember this moment where I got sick and my dad saw me struggling because he knew I was trying to figure out how to live more, at that time I guess, more stress- and disease-resistant and not free. He goes to me and he says, “Do you know that even Jesus got sick?” Trying to say somebody that we hold in high regard had a physical body, the physical body’s susceptible to certain problems and therefore you should accept that you have that disease. I understood, I was appreciative of what he was trying to say but I took it to heart. I said, “No. There has to be something better.” After that before I graduated college, he passed away from a brain aneurism. He had high blood pressure and didn’t take the medication. He never made it back from surgery.

Now I’m thrust into the adult world really as a child still and I had to move to the United States for graduate school. So, from Puerto Rico, an island in the Caribbean, to the northeast in New Haven, Connecticut. I got really sick that first year and I was struggling with depression. I really wasn’t fitting in with the medical model. I fit in more with the model that you represent, and so I was really struggling with that. I was even considering leaving the graduate school to go to medical school and even took the MCAT and was doing a round of interviews at Yale School of Medicine. I was really struggling through all of this, and then I said, you know what? I need to finish this. This is something that I’m going to be teaching. Some fundamental things that I think you see in my first book, The Art of Stress-Free Living. I pushed through that and

I realized that I needed to develop some way to figure out how I could live stress- and disease-free and how that could translate into helping others.Click To Tweet

After many years of research, many years of experimentation (especially on myself), and direct experience,

I learned to marry a lot of different eastern and western approaches to really epitomize holistic health.Click To Tweet I feel that the new master and sage of this era is one that embodies holistic health and embodies principles that I think in the past were not followed out of ignorance, I think. I think that about five years ago I got to a point where I had this dream that this woman approached me and said, “Now’s the time to begin.” From that point on I started writing a book that I haven’t published yet called Voyage from Human to God. I found this coach that mentored me, helped me with starting this whole movement and that’s where I wrote The Art of Stress-Free Living, which is officially my first book published. Then I just took off from there. I really enjoy what I do more out of service. I make videos on YouTube on DNA hacker secrets, and I like to teach people how they can actually do this. I like to host events like the Art of Stress-Free Living Retreats and teach people all these little (I don’t like to call them secrets because they aren’t really secrets) tips, suggestions, practices, and lifestyle changes. I think some things that most people don’t know. I have a video series right now on coronavirus prevention. I already did part two and it’s going to be probably a five-part series.

Brian, you know I love asking that as the first question because I hope the audience gets it that we’re all human and no matter where we are in our level of consciousness or mastery of this or that, we all have our story. We’ve experienced successes, we’ve experienced failures, we’ve experienced joy, and we’ve experienced sorrow. It’s our path that brings us to where we are today, and for those of us, and many of us out there, it’s to be of service. To help others to not maybe have to go through what we’ve been through. Would you agree with that? Is that kind of what motivates you?

I mean 100% because if everything had been spoon-fed to me. If everything had been easy, if I did not have to struggle, work hard, have relationship issues, have work issues, have life existential issues, struggle with finding my own direction on purpose which led me to struggle with depression. If I hadn’t had all those struggles, I wouldn’t be able to teach people the ins and outs. When I work with somebody, I know exactly what they’re going through because in some respect, maybe not the exact same way, I’ve gone through something similar. I think that by us having that story it allows us to better relate to somebody else’s struggle. If getting to the mountain, then nobody would need any help. When I reach the summit, I turn back and I said, it’s not worth being up at the summit if I’m not able to go down and help others get up and really enjoy the freedom that comes with reaching the summit. That’s kind of like the bodhisattva view in Buddhism where you’re meant to enjoy every aspect of life and just don’t enjoy just a state of union (the peak) but enjoy also the dense and the dark aspects of life because even in those dark aspects and in the struggle there is a lot of beauty and a lot of growth.

Absolutely. You’re in Florida, correct?


I’m up in the mountains of New Hampshire. There’s sort of a saying I like to say to people and it’s not about the peak it’s about the hike.

Yes, exactly!

Up here there’s 4,000 footers and it’s about the peak and the “peak baggers” they’re called. For me, a lot of time I say that it’s not about the peak. As much as I’d like to get there and it’s exciting to get there, of course. But it’s not about the peak, it’s about the hike.

Yeah, and I think people sometimes lose that perspective. They’re going on the hike and they’re thinking about the peak or they’re thinking about the starting point that passed. I always say that

it’s only in the present that healing can occur. We miss out on a lot of power, a lot of energy, and a lot of growth because we’re not fully present in the moment and enjoying every step, especially when you’re immersed in nature.Click To Tweet You can really grow; you can really become intoxicated with the beauty that life has to offer.

People feel, Brian, that stress and disease are a natural part of life. Is this true?

Well, if you were to ask anyone on the street, they’re obviously going to say it’s true. I was at an event with Tony Robbins last year and I was in a group and I was talking. We were talking about what we did, what was this about. They asked me, there was this guy standing there he has a very famous podcast, this is a podcast. I said, “I’m in the business of teaching people how to live stress- and disease-free.” He turns over, he looks at me and he goes, “You lost me at that because stress and disease are a part of life. Are you telling me you can be stress- and disease free?” He tells me, “I can’t believe you.” I think that’s the perspective a lot of people take. They have forfeited the control outside of themselves.

I have in DNA Hacker Secrets, my second book I’m working on, a chapter on transformational vocabulary. A lot of people the way that they speak internally about themselves or maybe they may verbalize it is forfeiting the control. They may say, “This relationship makes me miserable. My boss makes me so angry. So-and-so makes me so stressed out.” By continuing to have that mentality of projecting something outside as the source of the problem, is what leads to me then being vulnerable. Even with disease we have externalized the idea of a disease into a pathogen, let’s say. A bacteria or virus. But in reality, disease in a vibrational phenomenon. That may crystalize and take form of a virus or a bacterium. Even if it were manmade. A man creates a virus or in the lab designs, which we can do now, a bacterium. They crystalize something a thought form into a material form that now if I am susceptible, I can get sick.

I heard a student once say, which I found very interesting, there was somebody by them that was coughing. It was a year ago or so. They coughed or sneezed, and then the student goes, “Oh, get away from me. You’re going to make me sick.” As a learning opportunity I go, “Don’t say that they’re going to make you sick. You will get sick because you already are sick. People don’t realize that the disease lies within you.” Somewhere in your consciousness is the source, the cause of the disease, whatever it is because a majority of the times we think of a disease as being purely physical or genetic those are very rare. Medicine will eventually expunge them from this planet because already we’re in the process of being able to correct them. Meaning that I could have a couple that I could guarantee that they will not have a child with a certain genetic condition, 99.99%. We’re getting to the point where that small percentage of diseases that seem truly physical will no longer be. What I want people to know is that as long as I have in my head that idea that that is a part of life, it wasn’t until I said there has to be something better and I sought it with zeal and perseverance. I kept pushing and fighting that I found that the answer is – yes, you could live free of that. I tested that before.

You know, that’s a really interesting whole concept there in the essence that in the functional medicine world we talk about epigenetics.


I think people get it that what you eat and the level of stress and how much you drive yourself and whether you’re getting sleep is all part of it. Absolutely I think that people can wrap their head around that part, relatively easily. That transition from traditional thinking in the past that everything comes from your genetics, because it doesn’t. We all have risks of certain genetic weaknesses, of course, based on our genes, but again over the last decade or more we’re learned that epigenetics is more important for what genes get turned on that may be bad or good. Again, I think people can wrap their head around that. What I’m finding people don’t seem to quite get yet or they can’t quite wrap their head around is their emotions and their energy being involved in the epigenetics. I’ll have people that don’t really see that they’re in stress right now but let’s say they had a very stressful history in their life and they can’t seem to connect with or wrap their head around the fact that their brain function or brain waves might be programmed to be too fast or out of optimal function. The idea of doing therapies and there are so many out there to try and help quiet our energy, balance our energy, quiet our mind, and get into a more spiritual place and a connection with universal, global thoughts and feelings around positivity. The idea of like you’re talking about, someone’s not going to do something to me. I am the one in control. If I look at myself and keep looking in the mirror and bring balance into my life and work hard at that on a regular basis. Would you agree on kind of what I’m bringing up?

Yeah, 100%. I think that people don’t realize that my mind or my consciousness, my brain is an oscillator. It generates fields, energy fields. These energy fields influence the cells. At the level of the nervous system, let’s say somebody who’s constantly stressed or anxious. How are they influencing their cells? Well, the nervous system is going to start to release through their genetics, imagine them as strings, oscillation impacting the strings of DNA. Now the DNA is producing a subset of proteins – a proteome it’s called. My collection of genes is called my genome. My collection of proteins is called my proteome. The proteome is the tools of my cell, it’s what I see.

What people must understand is that my state of mind, my state of consciousness is generating a field. That field is creating a chemistry that is changing the program of my entire body because my cells have receptors for these peptides, or short proteins, of which there are thousands. If I’m constantly in a certain state of mind and I don’t take a break to, as you say, quiet or reset then all I’m doing is programming my body to be in a certain state of pathology that I’m altering my cells over time. As I do that, I lock my body and my cells in a certain state. Really, my body is a product of my subconscious mind, of my consciousness, and so my biochemistry will be reflective of what I’ve been doing over the course of weeks, months, or years. That’s where I think the real key is, in recognizing that yeah, it’s great. I need to get my rest, I need to eat well, I need to exercise and all sorts of stuff but at the end of the day the real switch, the real key to all of this, is how am I self-regulating myself so that I generate the right fields that generate the right programs that are being secreted by my nervous system that are going to be influencing the rest of my body and then in turn my body feeds back to my nervous system and everything is in harmony.

If I am in harmony, then I can be more closely in a state that is free of mental or physical ailmentsClick To Tweet, whatever they may be.

Let’s say I just had surgery. If I am in that state of harmony, I will recover faster, and my symptoms will be lessened as well. This really is reflective of anything. If right now I think I just took a poison, but I didn’t, I just took a placebo then I am altering my chemistry such that I am inducing the toxic state. This has been shown to be true in studies. Even if I take two groups of people and one got chemotherapy the other got placebo, about 30% or so of the people who got the placebo chemotherapy, the fake chemotherapy, actually lose their hair. The process of losing that hair is not purely due to the drug because there’s really no technology or drug that doesn’t do what you already have within you. That’s why I always say, “

Everything is already within you. Learn how to turn it on. Learn how to turn on the right chemistry.Click To Tweet” That’s why I have made the mission of mine is to teach people how to do that themselves. How can they turn on those programs so they can become free? Truly free of these obstacles.

Sounds like you’re getting into what is DNA hacking. How does it relate to health and wellness? Let’s put that question right out there because it sounds like you are kind of getting on to that now.

Yeah. I think I’ve touched a lot on it. The idea here is that even if you have two twins, they can both have vastly different outcomes. Sure, it could be environmental, but you could have two twins that go to the same school, have the same parents, eat somewhat similar, and you could even have them under the same conditions. Like animals that are genetically identical. But by exposing them to different conditions you have different outcomes. Depending on how my consciousness is affecting my body I can have drastically different outcomes.

I think that the event, I don’t know if I used this example, I use the example of multiple personalities. It’s a great example because it’s one body but two different minds or consciousness. Two vastly different personalities inhabiting one body. Two vastly different physical outcomes. One personality, same body, could have an allergy to something and the other one doesn’t. One could have asthma and the other one doesn’t. One could have a phobia and the other one doesn’t.

What this means is that the

DNA is just a blueprint.Click To Tweet It’s like I go to an architect and he gives me a blueprint for a house, but I’m then the one that’s going to build it then I could tweak it and change it and make the house slightly different. I could bring in a decorator that makes the house look completely different. In essence, I am the real sculptor because DNA does not have the ability to turn on or off. This is epigenetics. Something has to turn them on or off. What turns them on or off? I think that Bruce Lipton for many years now probably more than two decades has been talking about this is that we are the ones that have that ability to do that!

I sought to kind of take it a little further and really examine not that you could do this, that you could hack your DNA and alter your genetic programs what you’re getting out of your DNA, but how you could do it.Click To Tweet How you could do it and be in a hacker secrets mastermind, the book’s going to be coming out soon, are really an attempt to do that. When I write a book, I really try hard to make it a handbook. I really want to teach people.
If I’m talking about DNA hacking and epigenetics, you can actually change your genetic programs and change your health. How you can actually do that and why.Click To Tweet Obviously, I base it on research and more importantly on direct experience that I’ve done in myself as well.

How can someone begin to reprogram themselves? Are there one or two tips to give people? It sounds like this is what you talk about in your upcoming book. What is the title of the book?

This one that’s coming out is DNA Hacker Secrets.


Basically, I break it up into different parts. The number one contributor. Two things contribute on a silent fashion to alter my DNA. Number one thing you mentioned is stress.

Stress is not really an external phenomenon. It’s something that you generate. Something that people need to understand is that you generate this stressClick To Tweet. You generate the anxious mental state or the depressed mental state. People have options. They could run away from the problem, they could fight the situation, or they could hide. They could withdraw, they could break down. Either approach is not better than the other. When I am in that state, again we must be mindful of the fact that’s altering my brain activity. One of the keys when it comes to stress is to take micro moments during the day. A lot of people just keep going without thinking and without bringing awareness back to their body. How is their body feeling? How is their level of agitation? I speak to people and when I’m hearing them speak, I can tell why they’re anxious all the time. You can hear it in their voice. In the amount of inflection and energy that they put into how they’re speaking they are generating a lot of these waves of agitation. One on top of the other. Me recognizing that and taking pause, it allows me to now recognize that I’m doing something and to start making changes.

For example, one of the best ways in those micro moments, we talked about this in Puerto Vallarta, is using the breath.

The breath is not only, and I teach this in my coronavirus prevention video series, a great tool to relax but it’s also a great tool to energize you, to focus you, and to boost your immune system.Click To Tweet There are a lot of ways you can empower yourself using the breath.

Diet is another one. People just don’t know how to eat. They don’t realize that, I took chemistry for many years, food is chemistry. People don’t realize that it even doesn’t matter what you eat. This is a study from the 1930s (I forget the name of the doctor). If more than 51% of what you eat is cooked, dead food, it means you’ve altered the chemistry. Cooking food is chemistry, it’s altering the chemical components. Bread after you bake it not the same as before you baked it. Your body responds as if it just got a pathogen put in it like if you had a bacterial infection. I suggest to people, in anything that I teach and do, that

at least 50 – 70% of your diet should be raw whole plant-based foods. A person should make a conscious effort that when they sit down and eat at least half of what they eat is food exactly as Mother Nature offers it.Click To Tweet

Another component is, which you have a lot more access to than I do, is connection to nature. We’re a nature-deprived society and this is doing away with us at a mental level, it alters our energy dynamics. We need to be in contact with nature. We need to be able to ground with the earth with our bare feet being in contact with the soil. Be in contact with fresh air, the sounds, the aromas. If people want more information on this and what books to read, I do reference it in DNA Hacker Secrets. Then, of course, I teach also advanced practices that I’ve taken two decades, and I’ve synthesized it so that people learn this in a shorter amount of time. I do this in my mastermind, learn two decades in two months. Techniques and lifestyle because

holistic health is something that you build. It’s not something that you buy. It’s not anything like that. No technology can give this to you. It’s a lifestyle choice, something that you cultivate over time.Click To Tweet Do you agree?

Oh, absolutely! I say a lot of times it’s a journey, it’s not a destination. The idea that people need to realize that exactly what you’re saying. You need to cultivate. You need to make small changes at first and then realize and gain confidence and successes and then, oh, I feel better! Keep making changes. I love the idea of micro moments in a day and using the breath.

You taught us at Puerto Vallarta this breathing technique where we take as many as thirty deep breaths in and out and then you take that final breath in and you hold it for as much as a minute or more and just don’t take breath, don’t take a breath, don’t take a breath! Then after the minute you take that breath. I’ve been practicing that! It really boosts my energy quite a bit and really clears out any of the side chatter because you’re really focused on what you’re doing. So many breathing techniques that we all teach clients and things. Yours was a new one for me. It really does help exactly that – clear out the clutter, gets you focused, and be able to balance both the nervous system, the mind, and also spiritually and bring the body pretty quickly into quiet and into harmony. These are things that I absolutely feel that people should be learning how to do on a regular basis. Again, starting with some exercises and different things you talk about as far as diet, breathing, and taking these micro moments and then learning other masteries.

Let’s talk about your programs. What makes your programs and events different from what is currently offered by other speakers or coaches out there?

I think that the mastermind that is going to be launched in the next week or two and I am absolutely giving away, I’m giving a huge discount because with what’s going on with coronavirus, I really want a lot of people. I’m not interested in making money I just want to impact as many people as possible. This mastermind nobody is really teaching. I’ve spent two decades really figuring out how you do this.

You mentioned that breathing technique. I love how when I do some of these techniques afterwards, I can feel like I just (without having taken a massage) feel like I just got a massage. I feel like my brain is suffused with dopamine and serotonin. I just release oxytocin and endorphins and I’m feeling really, really good!

I mention that at this event as well, and really what my focus is at my events is really teaching people how they can do this themselves. How they can integrate it into everything that they do. I don’t really want to teach them stuff that, oh, yeah it feels good. You come to an event or retreat and had a great time but then you go back and you’re no…you know. I want them to come back and say, “Hey, I learned this and I’m trying and it’s really working.” I love it when on social media somebody reaches out and says, “Hey, I’ve been trying this, and it has changed my life. I go about my day differently. I’m not eating exactly how you said 100%, but I’m eating a lot better than I ever have in my life.” Those are the things that I really look forward to, to at least making that positive impact that we really don’t need anything.

I really want to stress that to your audience. You can learn and there are people like you as well some people out there that are doing great work teaching us how we can actually gain that power. Empower ourselves. I think that that’s the beautiful thing. One thing that I definitely would like to add. We can talk about this later off air is how to get the testing so that you know what things you are sensitive to or allergic to. I feel that sometimes things happen to me, subtle things. A little swelling or something on the hands sometimes I get that I think may be related to something that I’m eating that I’m not aware of. Some people have to also think about that, that

food is not just about nutrition. It has also other effects that we sometimes don’t consider that could be impacting our health as well.Click To Tweet

Well, absolutely. Food, of course, is our fuel and we put it in our mouths multiple times a day. So many people out there…we’re all different. We all have different chemistry and as you emphasized, food is chemistry. We put information into our body, and when we put it in some foods some of us are sensitive to. You can have allergies, yes! People know immediately when you have an allergy. If there’s a child that has an allergy to peanuts and they’re in school, they might get a reaction even in the cafeteria. Some poor kids that are so allergic they can’t even sit in the cafeteria (of course nobody is sitting in cafeterias right now).

The gold standard way to identify a person’s sensitivities…a food sensitivity doesn’t get an immediate reaction. It may take up to three days for you to notice a headache or shortness of breath or a rash or just bowel problems like IBS. Oh my goodness, isn’t that a garbage bag diagnosis. So many people have it because of food sensitivities. The actual gold standard to be able to identify, not allergies because you know them immediately, but these food sensitivities and be able to identify them for yourself is to do what’s called a comprehensive elimination diet over three weeks, twenty-one days.

I have a program I call the Detox Plus Program. The first three weeks, twenty-one days, is your comprehensive elimination diet. After that though you do not go, “Woohoo! I did it!” and go out and have a pizza and a beer because then you put back everything at the same time and you’ve missed your opportunity while your immune system is quiet to identify what your food sensitivities are by systematically re-challenging the different foods. Again, I have a program on my website discoverhealthfmc.com called Detox Plus Program that has a guidebook and five videos that tells someone exactly how to implement this process so you can identify your food sensitivities.

Now, the only thing I’ll also say is that is the gold standard. There are blood tests out there you can have done to test for food sensitivities, the problem with them is they’re not standardized from lab to lab, and if you haven’t eaten something in a while, they may not show a reaction or an elevated antibody. So, the gold standard is truly to do the elimination diet, however, if someone’s done the comprehensive elimination diet and they’ve identified some things and they do feel better but then months go by and they’re like, “I’m still not optimal,” and we’re working on numerous things and we realize that maybe there’s an outlier. Maybe there’s a food that we didn’t eliminate during the comprehensive elimination diet. That is the time that I might consider having the person do a blood test of one of these companies that do the blood test for IgG antibodies to assess for food sensitivities. Again, it’s not my number one thing. The other thing they learn during the three weeks is they shift their lifestyle and they can’t go back to where they were before. They’ve noticed they really shifted things already.

Brian, how do people get to connect with you? How do they get access to your first book, and also when is your new book coming out?

Instagram is probably the place where I’m most active @dnahackersecrets just like the mastermind, just like the book. The mastermind information and the book for that for pre-order (I wouldn’t pre-order the book right now) because it’s going to have to be bumped for now because of the coronavirus we had to delay some stuff. Go to dnahackersecrets.com. For the Art of Stress-Free Living, the book and events that are on hold right now, that would be artofstressfreeliving.com; they can find more information there. They can send me a message.

Of course, DNA Hacker Secrets is the best thing because that’s where you can join the mastermind. I’m really giving it away at 75% off what I normally would charge. I’m trying to give it away and make it affordable so people can now, seeing that they can’t go anywhere, they can join me in an 8-week intensive program where I’m going to teach them the ins and out, two decades in two months. I’m really going to go deep dive with whoever wants. I’m going to have a group in English and a group in Spanish. I’m trying to serve the Spanish community; I speak Spanish as well.

Those are the best places to reach me. Of course, they can get the book. If they reach me privately, they join up…you see, with the mastermind they get copies of both books and they will also get the advanced readers copy of the third book which will be Voyage from Human to God, where I will take people on a voyage from being a human to what does it mean to become a god. Really discovering and realizing the power that you have within you and to really now start to live.

I think that you don’t live until you really truly awakened. You realize that there’s a lot more to life than you are experiencingClick To Tweet. My voyage initially I thought that I was going to teach that at first, but I realized people have a lot of obstacles. I had a lot of obstacles. I realized I’ve got to go back, and I’ve got to teach some things to get people ready.
My goal is to get people to conquer those two big obstacles which are the mental and physical ailments mainly stress and inflammation, which are the ones that are operating in the background doing away with us slowly but surely.Click To Tweet

Absolutely. Very powerful, folks. Definitely go to dnahackersecrets.com or artofstressfreeliving.com, and check out Dr. Ramos because these are some really powerful ideas that he’s got going on. The mastermind program I’m assuming is done online, right?

That’s going to be weekly coaching with Q & A. There’s a private Facebook group that people can ask me anything. If there’s something more specific I try to make it very engaging and personal. I’m very active. As well as there’s a members’ area where I upload content for those members. It may be something specific like for skin health or for a specific technique for boosting the immune system that I may not cover in the coaching session. It’s going to have a lot of tools that I think are going to be very valuable especially at this time. Even after coronavirus is gone, I’m telling you –

there is nothing greater than living without the burden of having to think that you’re going to get sick or that your aging process should be linear decay over timeClick To Tweet. You should peak and you’re sustained at. I’m forty-four and there’s absolutely no comparison between me now and me when I was in my twenties. A lot of people think, Oh, when I was in my twenties I was in my peak. Now everything hurts. Now I’m in pain. It should not be like that. I promise you; it doesn’t have to be like that. It doesn’t matter where you start out, clients that are in their sixties and they’re doing pretty advanced stuff and they’re not sick. They don’t go to the doctor, the don’t take medication, they run marathons, they’re doing things that we think a sixty/seventy-year shouldn’t be doing. We can have a body that metabolically speaking internally that looks like, for all intents and purposes, a thirty or forty-year-old body. Even if it’s seventy years old. You know when you change the way you go about your life it just makes a huge difference. When you eliminate certain things from your life you just change your lifestyle you made a huge impact on your life.

Oh, yeah. I couldn’t agree more! If people just take a step and then another step and then another step. I can remember looking back, I look back now and oh my goodness! Like you say, if I look back on my twenties, I’m a completely different person and I don’t essentially get sick anymore! The idea of the coronavirus right now, it’s like health is wealth. Health is going to give you everything. You need to start working on it. So many people just put it on the shelf and think it’s always going to be there and it’s not. We need to focus on it, and we need to focus on ourselves because you’ve got to look within for all those things, we were talking about oh people say, “You’re going to make me sick.” They’re not going to make you sick; YOU make you sick. The idea is we’ve got to look within, and we have to bring it back to balance and harmony so that we are in control.

Brian, I love to end with asking this question to all of my guests. I always love the difference in the answers and the variety. What is your number one secret to living a healthy life?

I think it’s taking ownership. Not thinking that things are going to come easy. There is no magic tool. There is no quick fix. I

f somebody wants holistic health, it is something that with loving care you sculpt. You’re the master artist. Your canvas is there, ready and waiting for you to paint it the way that you deserve. It requires patience and perseverance and love.Click To Tweet If I truly love myself, I’m going to treat myself as a temple that I honor. When I take that loving approach to life and to myself, then I change everything that I do. I change how I relate to others. I change how I related to myself. There’s even ethics involved that are extremely powerful. I think that’s the key – taking that ownership and saying, “Today is the day that I begin to reclaim that health,” so that, as you said, we can have wealth. With a body that is well sculpted, and I don’t mean big biceps, I mean a true body…because I wanted to end with this, a real story in Miami-Dade. There was in the news this guy that died of coronavirus, forty-years-old. His partner was saying that he was young, he was healthy. So oftentimes I feel that people are mistaking health and fitness. They see a person that looks fit and healthy, but in reality, if you look within, they’re not really that healthy and fit, they’re spoiled. It’s really working within and being patient. Take that time, make the investment because no matter how long it takes when you look back it will 100% have been worth it.

Dr. Ramos, that is an amazing tip for folks because take control of your health and transform your life is our mission at Discover Health. It seems like you and I, when we were teaching together and leading together in Puerto Vallarta, had a lot of back and forth where you would hit tips that I was just like, “Yes!” Then I would hit a tip, and we were really complementary to each other.


This has been a wonderful conversation. Thank you so much for being on the show!

You’re very welcome. Thank you! Anytime you want to have me, let me know.

Awesome! Thank you so much. Thanks everybody. This is it from Discover Health Podcast and today’s interview has been with Dr. Brian Ramos, “DNA Hacker Secrets.” Take care, everyone! We’ll see you on the next episode of Discover Health.


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