Hello everyone! This is Dr. Trish – physician, author and Health Catalyst speaker. Welcome to our podcast, Discover Health. Today I am very excited to be talking about how food affects the soul with Snehal Singh. Hello Snehal and welcome to the show! 

Hi Trish, thank you. Thank you so much!

It’s so nice to have you on the show. What I’m going to do is read Snehal’s bio and then we’re going to get right into this wonderful conversation about how food affects the soul.

Snehal R. Singh is a 3x best-selling author, Certified Holistic Business Coach, writer’s coach, publisher & founder of Mind Spirit Works. She is also creator of multiple book series including Coach Wisdom and International Keynote Speaker. Snehal wears multiple hats – she’s an author, publisher, coach, and speaker. She has mentored and coached more than 25 certified coaches and tripled their clients through her program titled Right to Abundance. If you want to check that out it’s www.righttoabundance.com.  She was also nominated for top 30 coaches in the United States in 2019. Snehal has trained more than 1000 coaches to be certified as an ICF approved coach.

In 2019, Snehal completed her mission of helping 100 authors write, publish, and flourish. Her signature program, Be an Authorpreneur, is a complete guide to write your first book, publish it, and grow. She has helped more than 18 authors complete their first book in 2019. Her clients come from all over the world – USA, UK, Canada, India, Australia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, France, and more. Snehal’s best-selling book I Work for Me is loved and appreciated by entrepreneurs & coaches. If you want a copy of her next book, An Essence of Soul – The Art of Serving & Mindful Cooking, which we’ll be talking about today, absolutely free, email her the receipt of the purchase/transaction ID of this book to [email protected] If you are looking to expand your business and voice your message through a book or writing connect with Snehal after today’s discussion. You’re really going to want to be working with her and find out how to connect.

Snehal, that is just an amazing bio! Thank you so much for being on the show. 

Thank you. Thank you, Trish, for this opportunity.

Yeah! The first question I always love to ask my guests because it really gets us into what brought you to where you are, is what has been your path to bring you to the way you’re being of service to people in the world today?

Trish, I would say that there are two ways you discover your path: either you know it already and you head towards looking for it or life happens, and you find it on your way. With me, I think that’s what happened. I decided to do the coaching certification just because I wanted another certificate, and when I started with the journey I realized, oh my God, this is what I want to do! I was training all the time, but coaching helped me do more, connect with more. Somewhere it matches with my simple leadership logic which is servant leadership. I believe in serving to be a better leader. That’s how I discovered coaching and that just opened up many, many, many doors for me.

Yeah, your bio when I was reading the ICF approved coaching – what does that actually mean, the letters ICF?

ICF is the International Coach Federation. It’s like the doctorate institute of coaching. If you’re certified by ICF, then the credentials have more value and you also get more opportunities if you’re part of ICF. That is International Coach Federation.

And what training did you do first and then brought you into the coaching?

I was a Behavioral and a Soft Skills Trainer. I used to train employees of companies or be a corporate trainer back in India. Inculcating organizational values and communication skills, sales skills, negotiation skills are what I used to do for different companies based on projects.

Awesome! So, you’ve been in the business realm and coaching and training for a long time?

Yes, since 2011.

Wow, so what brought you into being the publisher and the author part of what you’ve been doing?

As I said, I think I’ve belonged to that category when life happens and then you discover that this is the path you want to follow. That’s how my first book [came about]. I was challenged by the publisher to write a story and submit, and I did that. I took the challenge and it made me realize that I do have that writing skill or talent inside me. Then I started exploring it. That’s when I wrote my first book – I Work for Me. When I wrote that, I realized that I can help so many people write their stories because we always start with, I don’t think I have a story in the first place. And that’s where I was. So, moving from there to actually communicating and giving it a shape in a way that people can learn more, understand more, or get inspired is a beautiful way to go. That’s how being an author happened.

Being a publisher again was a push from my publisher where we wanted to do coaches in volume 1 which was in January 2019 and we had approached the publisher saying, “I already have a few coaches, we need a few more and we have this book ready. It’s going to be an incredible book. Would you publish it for us?” And she said, “No. I think you should do it yourself.” And I was like, “I have no idea. One, I’m in a different country altogether. I don’t know the audience yet. I have no idea how publishing works. How do you expect me to publish 21 people together?” And she said, “I’ll teach you.” I took the challenge. I learned everything I could about publishing, and I published my first co-authored book in January 2019 which hit bestseller within four days. That was the biggest validation I got. I can do this! And since then until now I have published 13 books.

Wow, that’s amazing! Very cool. What brought you into mindful cooking? Your latest book has something to do with that. What is your definition of mindful cooking and how’d you get into this?

Cooking is something that I feel is my constant.Click To Tweet Now with that, I never felt that I don’t know I’m doing. I’ve always felt at peace. I still remember when I got exposed to the world of meditations and you should be more spiritual. You know, that phase when you’re trying to understand the world a little bit better. The only thing that I connected to with cooking. For me, meditation is cooking. For me, getting meal ideas or feeling relaxed is cooking. That’s how I relate to cooking. You may associate cooking with it as a core that you have to do before or after work every single day, so you don’t stay hungry. That is one way of looking at it. But
cooking mindfully can help transform that simple task which is repetitive and rushed at times into a beautiful experience.Click To Tweet That’s what I believe in. That’s what mindful cooking for me is.

So many times in our daily lives we have so many things we have to do. So many of us get frustrated with sometimes those things we have to do. What I think I hear you saying is that if you turn those things (particularly cooking) into a mindful practice and instead of getting frustrated by them, try to open your mind and enjoy them. Get creative and be mindful of everything you’re doing and the love of your family that you’re going to feed them. It sounds like that’s the way you connect with yourself, your soul, quiet your mind and become mindful of the practice. Would that be?

Yes, I feel cooking is an act that gives me a lot. It gives me more connection with my loved ones, it gives me an opportunity to serve, and more than that, as you said, it helps me relax. I think the best of the ideas I’ve ever had is when I’ve done like huge cooking for a group of too many guests like 40-50 guests at home at times. Those are the times when I’ve been the calmest in my life. Yeah, that is what cooking is for me.

I would agree. I love that. I go home, and I love to cook! Sometimes I don’t have as much time and my partner has to cook because I just don’t even get home until late being a physician and seeing patients. But on the weekends, I just love to get in the kitchen. We both love to cook! Any time we have a meal at home it’s 10x better than any meal we’re ever going to get fed out at a restaurant.

Absolutely! I think that and also another thing. You and your partner may not have many things in common and we all have different professions, but I think

cooking is one thing that brings you together. It helps you do certain tasks together,Click To Tweet and that’s another beauty of cooking which is why I love it. I love cooking.

Some people again out there find cooking hectic or another responsibility in their lives. In the midst of all responsibilities and the hectic schedules, how do you make sure that cooking is done mindfully? What tools, practices, thoughts, or tips would you give people listening that they would focus on to see if they can get into the mindset that you’re talking about? 

I have logics for everything. One thing is this, if you’re ordering food or even reheating the old food it’s going to take you twenty or twenty-five minutes to do everything. Anyone is going to spend thirty minutes in the kitchen. Why not utilize it mindfully? See here’s what I do, I’m a NLP student and one thing I’ve learned, I learned it in 2011 and since then I follow it, is it takes 45 seconds to change your state of mind. For that, I have these songs that I listen to and every time I listen to them they set me in the right mood. My first thing to enter the kitchen is I have my old radio which has the songs queued in. I’ll just switch it on, light a candle (the candle is just lit because it takes care of a lot of other things as well), and just start cooking. That’s the basics. But just doing those two activities over a period of time has created a newer pathway in my head which helps me do cooking mindfully. It just sets me in the right state of mind. That is what I say. You always don’t have to do a long, full meal cooking. There are always recipes that you can cook in 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes and still eat the healthy food. That’s what I say.

You sort of right away set a mood as you walk into the kitchen.

My kitchen is a fun place! You can dance there, you can have fun, you can have all the friends sit around and chat while you’re doing that. You can have ten people do the helping or be the sous chefs. I feel the kitchen is a place of fun. And you should be having fun whether you’re cooking or just reheating. Just enjoy yourself!

So many people’s home, mine included growing up as well as now, the kitchen and the setting of the home has been very open setting. The kitchen is very large and so when we have parties it’s almost like everybody is in the kitchen.

I can so relate to that. I love big kitchens!

I just love them because I feel that most of the stories of families are born in the kitchenClick To Tweet. The first thing that you ever miss when you’re away from your family is the food and more than the food it’s the food served or made by either your mother, father, or someone very closed to you or your loved ones. I think it gives you a lot of memories and mostly happy memories. I love kitchens for that.

Eating together and sitting down to a meal, if you look back in history ancestrally it’s very common, but of course in our technological age today with cellphones and computer in your hand and connected to everyone and everything in every moment of every time it’s like wow! One thing I did with my family, and my kids are now 25 and 23 so they’re transitioning into being adults and they’re gone and not around all the time anymore, we set a rule that we sit together and eat our meal together. We all have such wonderful feelings of having done that because we truly connected. How do you relate to that concept today? 

I absolutely relate to that. One thing is, it’s not just eating the meal and eating the meal together but when we have all those distractions away like the TV on is switched off and there are no phones on the table I think we actually enjoy the meal with all our five senses. That’s the right way of eating. If you’re watching TV you’re not even looking at how your food looks. You feel it, but you don’t really experience it. I love the concept of eating meals on the dining table and not on the sofa, which has become a trend nowadays. I try my best to make sure that’s how it is done. You sit mindfully to eat with your partner or your family members.

That’s awesome because also from a neurological perspective our parasympathetic nervous system, which is our digestion and relaxation nervous system, is going to be promoted if all that technology and stressful stuff is turned off. If you’re mindful with your family and having conversation, then that promotes that nervous system. If we’re constantly engaged and not even paying attention to what we eat then our sympathetic nervous system, which is our stress hormone – cortisol, stays up and you’re not going to digest your meal properly and you’re not going to absorb your nourishment as you should.

Absolutely! I am in total agreement with all of that. There’s one more thing that I’d like to add here – it’s you training yourself. It’s easy to give in. It’s easy to say, everyone is watching so okay I can also just join in. But taking that one single effort of saying, “Hey guys could we just for 15 or 20 minutes eat together and then come back and watch and doing whatever we are doing.” I think that single step would change everyone’s health definitions or wellness definitions.

That’s awesome. I would totally echo that and advise anyone listening if your family is not eating together or you’re not sitting down and really concentrating and being mindful of your cooking and eating of your meal I would encourage you to try and make a change over the next 21 days. As you said in 45 seconds you can change your thinking, but in 21 days you can change your habits.

Why choose the name? Let’s talk about your latest book, Essence of the Soul. That name doesn’t sound like a book about coaching. Tell us about this new book. 

If I convert it into a Hindi title which is the language that I come from in India, we always relate food with soul. If someone is cooking an amazing meal and you enjoy it, we say something like, “our soul feels fulfilled.” Your soul is feeling absolutely fulfilled because you tasted amazing food. That is the essence that I want to bring in. When you eat mindfully,

when you cook mindfully, and when you serve with love you actually feel the essence of your soul connecting with the other that you are eating with or serving.Click To Tweet That’s the aspect that I’m trying to bring in with this book.

That’s awesome because being in community with people and particularly food because that’s the way we usually come together in community.  In my background of shamanic healing as well, because I’ve been certified in energy healing, there’s always a higher resonance and each of us as individuals always come to more resolutions and insight into ourselves when we’re together and we’re working together like over a whole weekend. It’s the same kind of thing with coming together and sharing a meal, sharing time and energy, and connecting with other people. Is that kind of what the book is really all about? 

Yes, the book is about rituals, recipes, and remedies that you’ll find in your kitchen and also a few tips about routines because I know that everyone is very, very, very busy. It has become a loving core to a hectic core to do cooking every day. These teeny, tiny tips if you could just follow that it makes life so much easier and you’ll enjoy the art of cooking. So yeah, it has a combination of rituals, recipes, remedies, and routines.

Give us a few of these tips to easy, mindful cooking.

Easy tips are these: when you get your groceries generally once a week like on Saturday or Sunday. Rather than putting the bags right in the fridge, take 20 minutes to cut it, wash it, keep it in the fridge. Half of the job is done. That’s what is taxing! I used to take five minutes to cut those vegetables and wash them but when you just have 20 minutes for cooking, we feel that it’s a bigger task and we don’t do it. That is one.

The second thing is always plan the entire week. Don’t just plan two days or three days. When you do your shopping, plan all the twelve meals, especially because from an Indian background we need a break. Every day is different as well. Somehow, we don’t eat the same meal every day. All the five days of the week or seven days of the week, 21 meals – plan a little bit in advance. Even if you’re repeating your meals, create a chart and that is such a stress-reliever. You have no idea! I know, at least for me, every day I was stand in front of the fridge and I’d think, what am I cooking today? And then you have to ask your partner, “What do you feel like eating today?” That is such a waste of time! You end up just eating something that you don’t even want to eat. Plan! Plan your weeks. Be a little bit mindful about that.

One last thing about it is have a little for yourself, either put the music on, put the best lights on, or get an apron that you love or enjoy – something that’ll call you towards your kitchen. That is another tip that I would like to give.

Those are great tips Snehal because yeah, I go shopping like you say on the weekends and I have in my mind I’ve already thought out, made the list and asked their family what their input is if they have something that they really want in the next week. Then I buy what we need for the week. It is very unusual for anyone to have to go to the grocery store again during the week. Talk about throw everyone off and have to make that time. That’s a really, really, really good tip! 

How do people find you? How do people connect with you?

I am available on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. And my social media handle for them is: @snehalauthorpreneur. If you just look for me with this handle, you’ll find me, or you can just send an email to me at: [email protected]

And then you have a website as well which is your name…

It is my name https://www.snehalrsingh.com

Great! Snehal, the last question I love to ask all of my guests is what is your secret to living a healthy life?

Being in the moment. If you just

learn how to be in the moment and not worry about the past or the future.Click To Tweet I think somewhere we live so mindfully and aware that a lot of health challenges automatically get out of the picture. I would say that being in the moment is my secret.

That’s awesome because there are so many people that start to feel overwhelmed with all the things we’re involved in and so many things going in different directions. But if you’re here in this very moment doing this one thing that’s what mindfulness is all about. Let’s just be in the moment and focus here because you can’t really do anything about the other things right now!

That’s the thing right!? When I am with you right now, there is no point in me thinking about anything or even thinking about what I am going to do next because here I am. I might as well enjoy this moment, enjoy this time with you, and make some memories. When you’re mindful and really aware I think we remember things more easily and beautifully than losing a lot of data.

That’s awesome. Snehal, it’s been wonderful to be mindful with you during this time! Thank you so much for being on the show and sharing these wonderful tips with folks.

Thank you. Thank you so much Trish for this amazing opportunity. I’m very grateful to you. Thank you.

You’re welcome. Folks, thanks so much for listening in and we’ll be in touch with our next podcast of Discover Health.

Snehal R. Singh is a 3 times Best-Selling Author, Certified Holistic Business Coach, Writer’s Coach,  Publisher & Founder Mind Spirit Works,  Creator of Multiple Book Series including – Coach Wisdom, International Keynote Speaker
Snehal wears multiple hats – author, publisher, coach and speaker. She has mentored and coached more than 25 Certified Coaches establish their business of coaching and grow 3X through her program – Right to Abundance. (www.righttoabundance.com). She was also nominated for top 30 coaches in USA in 2019. Snehal has trained more than 1000 coaches get certified as an ICF approved Coach.
In 2019, Snehal completed her mission of helping 100 authors – write – publish – flourish. Her Signature Program – Be an Authorpreneur is a complete guide to Write your first book, publish it and grow. She has helped more than 18 authors complete their first book in 2019. Her clients come from all parts of the world – USA, UK, Canada, India, Australia, Cameroon, Nigeria, UAE, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, France and more.  Snehal’s best-selling book “I Work for Me” is loved and appreciated by entrepreneurs & Coaches. If you want a copy of her next book-“An Essence of Soul- The Art of Serving & Mindful Cooking” absolutely free – email her the receipt of the purchase/transaction ID of this book to [email protected]  If you are looking to expand your business and voice your message through a book or writing – Connect with Snehal now –

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