Welcome everyone to Discover Health podcast. I’m Dr. Trish Murray – physician, author, and Health Catalyst Speaker. I am here today with Regena Ozeryansky, the Inner Peace Revolutionist, to talk about numerous things. Hello, Regena. How are you today?

I’m so good. Thank you so much, Dr. Trish, for having me on your show

Oh, it’s an honor to have you! I hear you have a new name you’re working with. Tell us a bit about that.

Sure, I do! Actually, I was a little timid about it because it’s a name that came to me in a meditation about eight or nine years ago. My full name, my given name, is Regena Rosa Ozeryansky. In this meditation I got the name “Celeste.” So, I got a very intuitive clear message recently in the last two years that it was time to start using Regena Rosa-Celeste.

Very cool! We’re going to be talking about a modality you do or a therapy you use, and you’ve used yourself called Soul Language. You must be communicating, if you will, with your meditations with your soul and you’re getting messages back like many of us do, right?

Absolutely. It still boggles my mind because I was sharing with someone this morning that I wasn’t always a very woo-woo person. Even though I love woo-woo and spirituality I was resistant to it for a long time and it wasn’t until recently in the last couple of years that I really embraced it. You’re right, Soul Language has become a big part of my life and it’s fascinating to speak with the languages. It’s a lot like linguistics, like languages. We speak English, French, Russian, Spanish, and so our languages have languages too.

When we know our languages, we can become more fluent with our soul’s vibration and actually align with our soul so that we can live more on purpose.Click To Tweet

That’s cool. Well, I go way back as far as “woo-woo” you say and the idea that I’ve been a public education teacher and I have been obviously through training in medical school and I’m now a physician and I’m an osteopath. But I also work with my hands, so I know what it means to feel energy and honestly when you feel people’s energy in their body, you start wondering, Wow. This is amazing. So, I want to learn more about it.

Actually, if I go back all the way to my childhood, I wasn’t honestly a very institutional religion person. I would go and be like, Well, this very patrionic person is up there speaking at me and I’m not really jiving with this. I ended up communicating by going to the woods. For me

to be in nature is where I can connect with God, I can connect with my soul, I can connect with the soul of the plants and the trees and the animals.Click To TweetI was doing that since I was, gosh, eight, ten, twelve years old.

When I finished medical school and I was about to take my first job as a primary care doc right down the street was a holistic health facility and some shamans were giving a workshop on journeying. I went, and it blew my mind because while we were being taught how to journey, I realized I had been doing it since I was eight or ten years old, but I never told anybody about it because I thought they would think I was crazy!


So, this is going to be fun to talk with you about this Soul Language and the spiritual realm and how we can connect with our own soul and get some really neat answers.

Yeah, and what I love about your work, Dr. Trish, like even looking behind you at the sign. You know, “Discover Health” is a very practical and very tangible space, right? As your energy and the way you show up and yet the more I’ve gotten to know you I know about this other side of you which is like you bring in the woo-woo into the practicality and I think more and more that’s what the world really needs. There are so many things that are tangible but that aren’t explained. Like some of the things going on in the world right now. So, it’s so cool when we can bridge the two worlds and we can actually create the unity between them. The spirituality is, I believe, designed to help us connect with the rest of the world and vice versa. We can’t have one without the other.

Absolutely. Quantum physics, folks, has been around since the 1920s and we’re about a hundred years later. It’s about time that we caught up with the idea that yes, there is true hard science that you can see and touch but you’ve got to understand that if you start making changes in one part of any system it’s not just going to change that one piece of the system. It’s going to change everything about the entire either human being, if that’s the entity you’re working with, or the entire machine or the entire universe. The idea is it’s just we’re growing up slowly and it’s just a matter of absolutely being ready to take a step from the traditional medical model or science model and also into the future but not so much the future because it’s been around a long time.


Regena, why don’t I read your bio? Then we’ll get right into some questions. I’m going to read Regena’s bio, folks. Prior to establishing her coaching business, Regena was and still is a real estate investor, active realtor, a Certified Yoga Instructor, and a Soul Language Practitioner. She works with individuals and families to help them create transformation through wealth (specifically with real estate education and asset allocation), also through health with yoga and meditation and spiritual awareness, and aligning them with their life’s mission and purpose. Marrying her commitment to the public through real estate and her love for supporting people to live more authentically, Regena offers a range of programs and services including group yoga classes, private yoga instruction, transformational coaching and energy healing through Reiki and more. She works nationally and spreads her message across the country in workshop and retreats and, of course, through podcasts like this.

This all has come about as a result of extensive personal transformation she herself experienced through years of deep healing through mind, body, and emotional work.

Regena specializes in helping her students and clients getting unstuck and move through fear, supporting them in living more purposefully and passionately.Click To Tweet Whether it’s on a mat, in a private session, in a classroom, or out in the field showing property, Regena is committed to helping conscious men and women and families achieve the results they wish to acquire.

That’s a pretty amazing bio there, Regena.

Thank you!

You’re welcome. So, tell us a little bit about your background. How have you come to be of service the way you are presently for people?

Well, through a lot of trial and error I would say first and foremost. I think the best education is the School of Hard Knocks because there’s no degree that you can pay for that can teach you how to live life.

As many books as we read and as many talks and classes we take, I really feel putting your hands in the dirt and experiencing life is the most tangible and the most efficient way to learn.Click To Tweet It’s also sometimes the most painful, but it sticks right if we do it…I don’t want to say “right” but if we get the lessons it’s because we’re paying attention. I have learned through those little taps on the shoulder from the universe that it doesn’t have to be hard and to learn from other people’s mistakes. I invite those people that feel it resonates. That’s what I love about working with my students and clients and serving them is that they can learn from my mistakes. I serve them through a variety of ways including Soul Language but also through meditation and mindfulness and now as a speaker and author and doing a lot more educating on inner peace and what that means. It’s not what most people think it is. It’s not just sitting cross-legged pose and meditating all day long – although that is a huge component of it. It’s actually being light and being peace in our everyday moments. That’s not always easy and so I love that I get to teach that. I love that I get to be that because it’s a constant reminder for me, Am I walking my talk and am I doing what I teach?

How did you get this wise?

Thank you! Well, by hitting my head a lot!

A lot of us do!

I have quite a few welts on my head by this point, but I’m recovering very smoothly nowadays. I feel that I…I always joke because my mom used to say when I was a kid that I was little too adventurous for my own good. If someone told me that I shouldn’t do something or couldn’t do it, I already was on my way to do it! It was like I was constantly…not that I was a troublemaker, but I always wanted to experience life and try new things and I was very much a risktaker.

Although it caused me definitely lots of torment at times in my life, I think it’s become what’s made me who I am now. I actually did go through a lot of challenges and I suffered with depression for a while and I didn’t realize that I had that. I actually thought I was just like everybody else. I thought I was just kind of a brat and was not being grateful. It put me on an amazing journey of asking what that was about and what that journey of depression and what depression wanted me to know. Through that journey I started asking questions and really treating depression like it was a person and getting to know it. I got some amazing answers that brought me to the topic now that I teach which is inner peace and helping people reclaim that inner peace at any given moment. It really is, I believe, a choice. Similar to the work you do in the sense that I know that of course there is medication and things people can do outside of themselves that sometimes is very necessary,

I also think it’s really important to do the internal work because we can take all the medicine in the world but if we don’t go inward and we don’t really go deep into those wounds medicine is just a band-aid.Click To Tweet

Oh, absolutely. In my experience of my life and obviously working with many patients, but particularly for me, it’s been about developing a relationship yes with my own inner self, my own soul language, my own inner child, but also the idea of a relationship with the universe. The fact that the universe loves us. Our spirit guides, our spirit animals, our God, our angels, whatever you want to call them. Whatever a person’s frame of references is – go with it because that’s fine. There is no right, there is no wrong. It’s all open to whatever anybody has, but the bottom line is all of these energies in the universe love us. The universal emotions are gratitude and peacefulness and gratefulness and love. And so, if we focus on those and believe they exist and trust in them, it’s not always easy. Yeah, we’re going to hit our heads against the wall. Sometimes it is the journey of hard knocks. I could tell stories too; we all can! But the bottom line is I develop my relationship and trust in spirit in the same way I develop my relationship with another human being. Over time you get to know each other. Over time you develop trust. Over time you develop that relationship that you would give your life for that person or that being or that universal energy.

You come to realize that Pachamama (Mother Earth), for example, has my back and nurtures me more than any mother ever could to a human.Click To Tweet

Tell us a bit more about Soul Language and how that works.

Yeah, it’s so cool because as you were talking, I completely resonate with that. The eyes (our physical eyes) yes, they are designed to see but we have an internal compass too which is our intuition, right? The chakra system and the “nadis” we call it in yoga. All of these sensations that we feel. We were implanted, I believe, with all of these amazing gifts for a reason. It’s not to limit our physical eyes with the limitation of just what we see physically. Right? There are actually seven different types of clairvoyance. It’s because we have different sensations. When we talk about a sixth sense, we actually have seven senses. When people say, “Oh, I had a gut feeling,” or, “Oh, I felt that,” or “Oh, I could hear that,” or “I could see that.” Now that I’ve learned there are smells, right? There is an amazing plethora of these tools that we have and so the soul language works really in unison with that and in tandem.

It’s so cool because what I found on my journey was that I learned about the soul languages through a good friend of mine who we both know, Shannon Gronich. She had shared with me the power of the soul languages in her life and I was going through a really hard time. This was the second time that I was going through this dip and what I later found out was my depression episode, my second one. It was really, really, really intense and I was trying everything. I mean I tried all the things that I’m aware of meditation, mindfulness, yoga, exercise, eating differently, vitamins, nutrition, therapy. The only thing I didn’t do but I was this close to doing was going to a psychiatrist and getting medication. The first time I said, “I’m not doing it. I’m not going to do medicine just because I don’t want to.” I was really resistant. The second time I said, “You know what, this is like my life on the line.” I had really intense feelings, emotions, and thoughts. I was starting to almost daydream about not being here, frankly. Taking myself off the planet, so to speak. I thought, is that really what I want to do? It’s a temporary problem that people think… they create and that’s where I realized there was a problem in my mind and the way that I was thinking at that time. It was a permanent solution to a temporary problem, I thought to myself. When I was capable and courageous enough to tell some people that I care about and that I knew I could be honest with and trusting that they would protect me in that vulnerable space and conversation, I asked one friend who is an amazing healer (her name is Eileen Gottlieb) and I asked her something and she said what she shared which stuck with me. I said, “Okay then that’s not an option for me. It’s not going to change, obviously. Who knows? What am I going to do to my family, my friends, and my clients and all these people who know me, like, and trust me?”

I really started doing the work and found myself called to soul language. I guess in a way I could say they saved my life because they did. Hopefully now I get to help save other people’s lives. I went first as just a simple session. I just was curious, and I wanted to get some clarity around my life and what was going on. I hired a coach who became a really good friend (her name’s Nicole), and then I slowly, slowly found myself getting a little stronger and a little bit more confident about what I was going through. I started speaking about it. Then I got an opportunity to become a practitioner. I was like, “Oh, that’s interesting! Really? I get to help other people!” I slowly did it, and I thought just like my yoga, I’m probably not going to teach. I’m just going to get trained, so I understand this better. Next thing I know, I’m now looking at becoming a trainer for trainers. Same with yoga. I’m looking at teaching teachers. It’s amazing what’s possible when we’re able to get out of our own way.

What I love about the soul languages is there’s 107 of them. They’re all different. I call them like personalities. We all have different personality traits, but we all have three that we lead with. What’s fascinating about the soul languages is as you get to, like you were talking about, build a relationship with the universe and build a relationship with ourselves, then we can build and strengthen that relationship with our soul languages – which is a practice. It’s a conscious practice that we do daily, weekly, monthly and it’s actually very easy. It’s like changing. I’ll be in the grocery store, and I’ll get a message. I’ll know that message is from my soul languages. It’s like my little committee, my angel team, and they’re kind of sitting on my shoulders or around me. The amount of safety, protection, and love and support that I feel on a daily basis is overwhelming. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have problems, it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel sad and stressed and angry sometimes – of course I do.

The amount of love and joy that I feel since having met my soul languages and being able to integrate that into my life, it’s totally changed the way I live and it’s really brought me a sense of peace and wholeness that I never had before.Click To Tweet

This is very intriguing. Help us all understand when someone gets introduced to soul languages and you say there’s as many as 107 soul languages and each of us leads with three. Add a little more to help us understand like do we all speak all 107 or do we only identify with certain ones that are unique to us? How do you identify what three are you might lead with?

Yeah, that’s a great question. It’s very abstract in the sense that it’s a session. Let’s say somebody calls me and says, “Okay, Regena. I want to know my soul languages.” What we would do is I would meet them first. When I say “meet” obviously they’re not physical, so I don’t physically see them, but I do what’s called a soul language session. I do a very conscious meditative practice and I use specific energetic tools to meet them. I call them in. I energetically meet them.

What’s fascinating about this is that how I see them in my mind or feel them might be different for how they show up for the person they relate to. For example, Dr. Trish, if you and I do it and you say, “Okay, Regena. I want my soul languages read and done.” How they show up for me might be very different from how they show up for you because they resonate so strongly with you, your specific languages. As you get to build that relationship with your languages you will then become more fluent in the rest of the languages. It is like speaking English or French or Spanish. Some people are fluent where they speak the entire alphabet and they can create sentences and they can be very fluent. They can have a full-fledged conversation. Then there are some people who only know how to say “food” or “breakfast” or “how do I get to the restroom” in another country. So, it’s kind of interesting because it’s literally like an entire language where if you delve deep enough (which is why I love the idea of training trainers, the more practitioners we have doing the soul language work) the more we have people that are fluent in the conversation.

Well, this is resonating for me. The idea that we all can develop patterning in our being whether that patterning is in our structure and needs to be unwound because it’s twisted or something and causing pain. Or we can develop patterns in our brainwaves (anxiety, depression, stress, post-traumatic stress, or if someone has been in a high-stress job for many years or let’s say they grew up always feeling fear of being injured or hurt like in an abusive childhood or something). You’ll notice that our brain gets patterned into certain frequencies that, for example, cause us to be anxious when our brain frequencies are going faster than “normal.” Or they could be going slower and patterning in that direction more towards depression or attention problems or things like that.

We can also become patterned in our subconscious beings, in our subconscious energies to be let’s say be patterned to always listen to a major one of these soul languages, if you will. That’s what we present with and that’s what we resonate with even though there’s maybe a hundred other ones. Maybe we only communicate or interact with three or four of them. Is that kind of what you’re saying? To learn and look at more of the languages helps us possibly unwind our subconscious patterning, balance ourselves and our energy better, and come from a quieter, more balanced, more inner peaceful place. Is that kind of getting on the right track here?

It is! It is, and you picked up on it right away. Thank you for expressing it the way you did. One of the things I can share…and this won’t mean much to anyone who is listening, but my languages for example I lead with negotiator is my primary or what we call the axiom of quest, axiom of translation, and then tone. My primary axiom of quest is negotiator. My axiom of translation is – oh my gosh, I spaced out. My tone is produce to provider.

I also have my money languages and my business languages. Lately I’ve been speaking my business languages and my money languages have been showing up. The beauty of all of it is they come together, and they work together. Troubadour – that’s my middle one. That’s all about actually telling the story. It’s very interesting because they each have their own characteristics and their own vibrancy and frequency, kind of like their own messaging. Once you get to know them, it’s really fascinating.

You get to actually see who else around you lives in that conversation. There are certain words that they use, there are certain…I don’t want to say behaviors, but like you said, certain ways of being that each language works with and modelsClick To Tweet.

Like when we think of maybe French people. We think of the hat, the beret, and we think of the beautiful streets in Paris. When we think of America, we think of something completely different. At least when I think of America, I think of open wide spaces, lots of green, I think of the American flag. There’s almost like these differences in awareness. I’m a very visual person so I see a lot of imagery, but some people hear things, some people feel things, and so when you know your soul languages you actually bring more of that way of being out and into yourself. It integrates the “personality” of the languages plus integrates with the person who is receiving them. That’s where the magic is because that’s where the alignment happens.

Yeah, because so many of us are programmed, if you will, from childhood by our parents, from our brothers and sisters, from our environment we grow up in to fit in the culture and to fit into the stereotype of the culture in which we live. Whether we are boys are whether we are girls, and all of that sort of thing, it all plays in to how we are programmed. That doesn’t mean that’s who our soul wanted to be when they came into this universe again – to the baby that was born and into the physical body again.

The other thing, a point I’d love to bring out and I love to point this out to people is that

our conscious mind is less powerful than our subconscious mind, meaning our daily routines and things like that are run by our subconscious patterning and our subconscious programming.Click To Tweet Only when you bring some of those subconscious beliefs or subconscious contracts or subconscious programming up to consciousness can we then say, “Well do I want this, or do I not want this? Do I believe this, or do I not believe this for me?” Then, your conscious mind is 10,000x more powerful than your subconscious programming because now it can change it consciously.

It sounds to me like the soul languages when you learn more of them, you’re actually being reintroduced to the things you may have known of before you came into the body and the culture you were programmed into. Then you’re allowed to opportunity to become back in connection with the languages (more of them) and be able to choose for yourself consciously as well as subconsciously. Which ones do I resonate with? Which ones do I not resonate with? Which ones do I really want to lead with? Which ones are just me? It sounds like you get to know yourself better as well as be able to make choices as to how you choose to live out the rest of your life. Would that sound kind of like that’s also the way in which it’s being used and the way you’ve used it?

Yeah, totally. You know, it’s interesting the way you put it because it really is that. It becomes a tool. It’s like access to the visual that I see is the Wizard of Oz. It becomes access to this amazing reservoir of possibilities and untapped potential that many of us have wanted and maybe believed that, like you said, the conscious versus the subconscious.

The subconscious is a powerful little tricky guy or girl because it’s a thing in us, like you said, automatically makes us do things that we don’t even realize we’re doing! In a lot of courses that I’ve done, there’s one in specific that’s popping up. Landmark. You know, landmark talks about automatic patterning and how we do things from an automatic pattern place. Sometimes that is what I believe the saboteur oftentimes. That will literally derail us completely off of our path to the point where we think we are living consciously and yet we are doing the absolute opposite which is why inner peace is such a big deal. Inner peace is really that space within us that feels alignment.

When we’re happy we’re living in alignment. When we’re living with joy and freedom and happiness, we’re better people and we create a better world. We’re healthierClick To Tweet, right? We’re not sick, basically. Because I personally don’t believe we are designed to be sick. We’re designed to be vibrant and happy and healthy and we get bombarded with all of these things that create stress in our bodies and create stress in our emotions and that’s where dis-ease actually comes from.

The soul languages work really well with that idea of being able to access parts of ourselves, like you said, that maybe happened way before we even got here. Our bodies just keep regenerating, but our soul is our soul. Our soul doesn’t have a body. Our soul doesn’t have a personality in a sense in the way that we think it does. Our soul doesn’t crave, it doesn’t anger, it doesn’t have any…our souls are designed to be flowing and to be prosperous and to really be eternal. It’s all that other garbage that we get unfortunately placed on top of us. The stresses of life, the worries, the fears, the doubt – all of that stuff is just putting layers of things on top of us so that we can reveal, and we can let go. The message is letting go of what doesn’t serve us.

That’s what this work is all about – uncovering and rediscovering and reclaiming our soul’s purpose and mission for being on Earth.

I really feel that when we are able and ready to be that person and be those amazing light workers that we are, we make the world a better place.Click To Tweet Because we’re human and we’re in these bodies we do have challenges and the magic is that we can overcome them.  I’ve just been amazed at watching what’s unfolding with some of the things going on in the world right now. There are different people believing different things and behaving in different ways. I think to myself, how can I see all of this stuff that’s happening as a gift, as an opportunity to bring us closer together? That’s the invitation that I see with soul language.

Soul languages actually allow us to create language that we can all resonate with because it doesn’t matter what country we come from, we all have a soul and we all have a spirit and I actually do need to make a slight correction. My axiom of translation, I remembered as you were speaking, is teacher of integrity. That doesn’t mean much to anyone who’s listening unless they’ve had their languages done but that’s three of the languages and as you get to know the languages it’s kind of like a game. It’s very cool because you get to know the different characters and then you get to “play with them,” as I call it. You get to live with them and build these relationships and then as you are out in the world and you get to know other people you actually start to see their languages. I don’t want to compare it to horoscopes but for a lack of a better explanation, it kind of resembles astrology a little bit, not much. It’s probably the closest.

Many times, when you get into the world of a lot of, let’s say, spirituality things or modalities even. My modality of osteopathic manipulation, you look at massage, you look at chiropractic – there are overlaps. We’re all just trying to help people be healthier. Two thoughts I had and then I want to get into how you work with people individually or as a group specifically.

One thing you said I want to resonate, folks, is that your body and your being wants to come to health. If we give it what it needs, we will come to health. That’s just a fact. A principle of many different medical fields is that the body has self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms. It’s a genius. Our body is a genius – give it what it needs! Give it what it needs as well as our spirit and you are going to be healthy.

The other thought is as you said already, and we sort of said, is that we’re all going to have hard times; it doesn’t mean you’re never going to get a cold or something like that. We’re going to get sick at times, but way less than the average person. Also, handling hard times. We’re all going to be faced with challenges and struggles in our lives. It’s the level of inner peace, it’s the belief. Some people say, “You have rose-colored glasses.” Well, I don’t have rose-colored glasses; I’ve learned to believe in the universe that it comes from a place of wealth. I’ve learned to be in touch with my inner child, my inner languages, my inner soul, and I stay on track with what the universe and my soul tells me is the right path. I listen to my sixth sense and my seventh sense that you were talking about. If people are willing and able…it’s also not a smooth path to learn these lessons either as you’d know. It’s a struggle and sometimes it’s called taking the one seat, and it can be scary, and it can be hard. Like any fearful door, if you walk through the door you realize, Wow, that wasn’t that scary. That wasn’t as scary as I thought it was before I faced my fear.

Regena, this has been awesome. Help us understand, how do you help people get unstuck and change what isn’t working in their lives? What does it look like to work with you?

Thank you for asking. For me, it’s a beautiful process and a beautiful journey because I get to see people. Like today, I was in a call with someone and I realized that I could see what she couldn’t. I could literally visualize her on the other end of success, and it was a work-related question that she had, and we were working through some career stuff. It’s so beautiful because I feel like with her specifically it was so interesting. I connected with her on chat a bunch of times, but it was the first time we physically spoke. Within, I’m not kidding, ten seconds she was in tears. She started crying and I said, “Are you okay?” She said, “Yeah, I don’t know why I’m crying but I just feel really connected to you.” And she said, “I know we haven’t met, but I already love you. I already feel like I could tell you anything.” She said, “You get me. You get me to my core.”

And I feel like that’s what I do. I see people for who they are. Maybe I don’t know if this is for me sometimes it’s a challenge, but I see the best in people to the point where sometimes I don’t get the best people. If that makes any sense. Sometimes they’ll show me the opposite, and my work it still continues. I see the best in people. I’ve had people do horrific things to me that when I share it, people look at me like I have five heads. They’re like, “How could you ever forgive this person for doing that?” And I say to myself, “Because I don’t have to live with going to sleep at night in their body and in their soul and in their mind – they do.” I get to forgive them. I get to forgive me. The truth is, is they’re the ones who are suffering – not me. They’re the ones that have to live with what they’ve done. Stuckness is really what you were talking about. It is people living in a place of their unconscious dictating their lives. Most people don’t want to be bad. Most people I don’t think want to do evil things or bad things. I think they’re just stuck. The people who do work with me, they’re the ones that decide that they’re tired of being stuck and they’re conscious and ready to take action.


I love working with people like that. I already see the good, and I see them on the other side. It’s just a matter of them being ready to do what it takes to get there. Like you said, it’s not always a straight line. Most of the time it’s very squiggly. When I start my podcast, which will be I don’t know when yet, but the message is turning our messes into successes.

There you go.

It’s all about turning our crap into fertilizer.


Success is not clean sometimes. It’s dirty, it’s messy. Get your hands in the dirt and make a mess, right? If you don’t do that, you don’t really live!


I think of the analogy of the rollercoaster, right? You throw your hands up in the air and you just scream your way down. It’s such a high, it’s such an exhilarating feeling. I feel like that’s what life is about. If I’m going to go around on this crazy rollercoaster, I want to have fun and it doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be scared. I can do it anyway, and I can embrace the fear like you said and just get in there and do it. Hopefully inspire and help a lot of people along the way. I feel that’s what we’re here for.

Absolutely. Regena, who is your ideal student or client for you?

My ideal client or student is any conscious woman or man who is ready to really step into their power, release anything that’s not working in their life, and truly ready to invest in themselves.Click To Tweet

Cool! How do they find you?

The best way to find me is actually by texting. Everybody loves text. You’re going to text the word “yoga” to the phone number 64600. It’s a five-digit code: 64600. You can text the word “yoga.” I do have a free gift in there – it’s actually an interview I did a few months ago, and it’s pretty raw. It’s pretty raw and dirty in there and vulnerable like I did today. I think I did that, I got pretty real today. Thank you, Dr. Trish, for creating a safe space where I could do that and allow me to serve your audience and your listeners because I think we’re really here to help elevate and support one another.

Well, that’s absolutely what it’s all about. Thank you so much for being raw with us. People aren’t going to get to the next level unless we all put ourselves out there and explain where we’ve been and how hard it’s been or how easy. The whole mess that’s brought us to where we are. Just keep swimming! It brings you to success. Don’t ever give up because there’s always answers. Just keep looking. Maybe Regena is your answer out there if you’re listening and what we’ve been talking about has been resonating with you.

I loved having this talk with the Inner Peace Revolutionist, Regena! Tell me and everybody – what is your number one secret to living a healthy life?

I love that question! Being happy. Choose to be happy.



Of course, be able to reach that by learning your soul languages and how to be in touch with your subconscious.

Yeah. Life is so much easier that way. I remember when I was not such a happy camper and it sucked. I hated life. I hated waking up. That’s just not a fun way to live. Whatever it takes to get there, like sometimes you’ve got to get down and dirty. You’ve got to get on your hands and knees and figure out what’s not working so that you can discover your magic life that’s waiting for you, for all of us. The magic world we can create right now. It’s not a figment of our imagination. We get to have that now!

Absolutely. In the shamanic world, we’re always taught to not necessarily plan everything out in our lives. We all plan this and plan that. The statement is, “shh,” because it may be a secret. Maybe the universe had a way better idea than you could have even imagined. So, “shh.” It’s a secret!

I love that! Oh my gosh, that’s so cool!

Awesome! Well, Regena, this has been awesome. Thank you so much for being on Discover Health Podcast. Everybody, please text “yoga” to 64600 to get to Regena’s what’s called “ez-card.” I have one of those too! They’re really neat so absolutely text “yoga” to 64600.

Yeah! I look forward to sharing my free gift with everyone. Dr. Trish, thank you so much. This was so fun.


I love getting to know you more. Every time I talk to you, I’m like, Oh, it’s so cool! I learn more and you’re just such an unconventional doctor and yet I know you help so many with that. You see things from a different angle that people really get to experience health in such a unique and beautiful way because of what you do.

Well, thank you so much! I absolutely consider myself a hybrid. I have one foot in traditional medical and one foot way out of traditional medicine. I just try and find what each individual needs to allow their own body to come to health and healing and come to inner peace. We definitely are speaking a similar language. I absolutely love getting to know you more as well every time we interact. I look forward to interacting with you some more!

Me too! Thank you. Thank you so much!

Alright. Take care! Everybody, we’ll see you on the next Discover Health Podcast.


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