Hello everyone and welcome to Discover Health podcast. I’m Dr. Trish Murray – physician, author, and Health Catalyst speaker. Right now, many of us are dealing with this pandemic of coronavirus 2019. For so many of us, fear and downright panic, at times, is part of our lives. We watch TV and do our research and listen to the news, and it’s extremely scary at times with what’s going on.

Please remember that of the numbers of people that are developing coronavirus 2019, 2% or less are actually dying. Anyone who is having a mortality effect from this virus and has passed away or will, has a typically older situation with significant chronic underlying illness involved. That is not unusual for the typical winter flu season. Please be aware that overall this virus is a pandemic because this is a new virus that none of us have seen before. Many, many people are going to become ill. Some of us seriously ill. The issue is going to be the 5% of those developing the virus that become seriously ill and the overburden on the healthcare system. That’s going to be the biggest problem.

What I wanted to focus on during this time is how we manage our stress and talk about some therapies or modalities you could be considering doing and that I can offer you in order to handle the level of stress that’s out there right now.

So first of all, the first thing is to breathe. What I would recommend is every single day, a couple times a day you sit down in a quiet place for a minimum of five minutes. Take a deep breath in and count to five slowly and then exhale for a count of seven. You notice if you take a deep breath in and count to five and then you exhale slowly and count to seven what’s happening there is if you inhale for a shorter time than you exhale. Our inhalation is typically controlled by our stress nervous system and our exhalation is controlled by our relaxation nervous system. If you simply take time every single day, twice a day to sit quietly for five minutes and count to five on an inhalation and seven on an exhalation, you will quiet your nervous system and drop your stress level from this simple breathing exercise.

You can also do different numbers. For example, you can breathe in for a count of five, hold your breath for a count of seven, and finally exhale for a count of seven. There’s another way to play with this idea. The number one thing I recommend in order to handle the stress and quiet your mind and quiet your fear is to breathe and to do these breathing techniques.

Another thing I recommend to handle the stress is to do some very gentle and quiet stretching of your body. The more we move our body, the more we’re going to balance our nervous system and balance our hormones and get away from the noise of the TV and get away from the computer and again get into a quiet room, quiet space and put yourself through some very gentle stretching. Whether you can get down on the floor or not, you can also do these on your bed. On my website www.discoverhealthfmc.com (my company is Discover Health Functional Medicine Center), you will find a Free Level 1 Stretching video. I give this to everyone and these are the gentle, easy Level 1 stretches that I would recommend everyone do every single day. Not only to quiet your mind and take down your stress but also to decrease any pain you may be experiencing.

Another thing I would recommend, as a third option is to go online and to look for guided meditations. If you listen to different guided meditations, and there are many out there online that are free. Also if someone goes to the shop on my website www.discoverhealthfmc.com and purchases my book, Make a D.E.N.T. in Chronic Disease, off of Amazon and all you do is also on my website click “claim your free gifts” you get five different free gifts. The first chapter of my book, Make a D.E.N.T. in Chronic Disease, describes your immune system and how it works and how to optimize it. Again, in this time possibly reading my book would help, but also again if you purchase my book you’ll get five free gifts. The third one of these gifts that you can link to off my website is a guided meditation on grounding oneself. It’s about a twenty-minute-long guided meditation that you’ll listen to in a quiet place either sitting or laying down and I would strongly recommend you do this. If you do not have access to my guided meditation on grounding, again search online for free guided meditations and get some, download them, and listen to them. See if that will help quiet your mind and quiet your stress.

Finally, another recommendation I would give is again if you go to the shop of my website www.discoverhealthfmc.com and you drop down to where I give exclusive educational different options, there is one that will link you to a website for a company called Active Minds Global. Active Minds Global has programs that, if used regularly, will synchronize your brainwaves and optimize your brain function. It will also help calm anxiety, stress, and improve sleep. They are also known to improve and decrease anxiety and depression and clear brain fog. What this is are files that you would be purchasing to then download. The number one program I recommend is called “RevitaMind.®”  

RevitaMind® is a program that has six different files of auditory sound that the frequency of the audio files you listen to your brainwaves will synchronize with the frequency of the file you’re listening to. This is called brain entrainment. Brain entrainment is known as a modality that will cause your brainwaves to quiet and therefore reduce anxiety, stress, improve sleep and depression, and clear brain fog. I use this program myself. I’ve used it for well over a year know. I own and run three businesses. I have a very stressful life at times and obviously the coronavirus 2019 pandemic is causing more stress for all of us! I use Active Minds Global, particularly their program called RevitaMind® on a daily basis and have found that it has enormously helped me manage my stress. During this pandemic I’ve been using it even more frequently just to help quiet my mind and help me to manage stress. We all need to manage stress better!

These are options I would recommend anyone consider during this difficult time:

  1. Start with deep breathing. Breathing and inhaling and exhaling for longer than you inhale.
  2. Quiet and gentle movement such as my Level 1 Stretching.
  3. Listen to guided meditations.
  4. Consider an actual therapy that can be purchased, such as RevitaMind® through Active Minds Global. If you chose to purchase their file, then you do this on a daily basis by listening with earphones on. It will help enormously.

In this difficult, stressful time please make sure you’re doing some therapy or modality every single day to help quiet your stress.

Take care everyone. See you on the next episode of Discover Health.


Important Resources

·       Free Level 1 Stretching

·       Purchase Dr. Trish Murray’s book: Make a D.E.N.T. in Chronic Disease

·       Active Minds Global

·       RevitaMind

·       For more information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) please visit World Health Organization (WHO), Center for Disease Control (CDC), or listen to the Discover Health podcast episode: Understanding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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