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Hi, everyone! This is Dr. Trish – physician, best-selling author, and the Health Catalyst Speaker. Welcome to Discover Health Podcast. Today I’m really excited! We’re going to be talking about men’s high-performance health with Dr. Tracy Gapin. Dr. Tracy, thank you so much for coming on the show!

Oh, thanks for having me today, Dr. Trish!

This is great. You’re down in Florida and doing, it sounds like from what I’ve been reading, enormous things for men’s health and their performance. So, let’s take a moment and, folks, I’m going to read Dr. Tracy Gapin’s bio here and then we’ll get right into it.

So, Dr. Gapin is board certified with the American Board of Urology and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. After his undergraduate education at Texas A&M University and medical school training at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, he completed a general surgery internship and urology residency at the University of Florida. Dr. Gapin combines his compassion and extensive experience with men’s healthcare and cutting-edge technology to offer patients individualized state-of-the-art care.

He has been a true pioneer for innovation throughout his medical career. In 2006, Dr. Gapin was the first urologist in Sarasota, Florida to perform robotic surgery. In 2013, Dr. Gapin was the first urologist in Sarasota, Florida to perform MRI-guided target fusion biopsy for prostate cancer detection, which has since become the standard of care. In 2013, he was the first board-certified urologist in Sarasota to perform high-intensity focused ultrasound for minimally invasive treatment of men with prostate cancer. High-intensity focused ultrasound has since been FDA approved for use in the United States and has become widely recognized and utilized as a safe, effective treatment option for prostate cancer with minimal treatment related side effects compared to traditional options. Dr. Gapin founded Sarasota Prostate Care in 2014 in order to be able to provide MRI-guided target fusion biopsy and high-intensity focused ultrasound for men with prostate cancer. In 2017, Dr. Gapin founded Smart Men’s Health, focused on optimizing male performance. He offers a personalized path to helping men maximize sexual health, testosterone levels, and prostate health. He currently resides, of course, in Sarasota, Florida, and he lives with his wife and his two children. So, that’s quite a bio there, Dr. Gapin! That’s awesome!

Wow! I’m not sure where you got that from, but that’s quite an impressive lengthy bio. I’ll tell you what…


Well, thanks so much.

Sure! It fills people in on what’s going on. The other thing is the first question I love to have folks elaborate on is telling people more about your story. How have you come to being of service the way you are now?

Yeah, sure! Great question. So, as my lengthy bio that you provided details, I have a long career in urology as a board-certified urologist. I spent really over twenty years now focused on optimizing men’s health, and it was really my own health challenges that really changed my perspective and transformed my life but also my career. It was about eight years ago now where I had a number of really significant health issues and it was my wife who finally nagged me enough, if you will, to go see a doctor myself because I was not the same guy I used to be. I was irritable. I was somewhat depressed. I was massively overweight at the time, wasn’t sleeping well, eating like crap, not exercising, really trashing my body. I was on call as a urologist, on call commonly at the hospital overnight and not really sleeping. And, you know, I had really neglected my own health.

I went to see a doctor myself for the first time, and this incredibly vulnerable experience was eye-opening for me when I realized that my internal medicine doc that I had gone to see really didn’t have an answer for me. You know, if you’re sick, if you have a disease, if you have symptoms, we’re taught through our medical education how to fix that whether it’s a pharmaceutical whether it’s a surgery, whatever it may be to fix that specific disease, that crisis. You know, it is crisis care. But there was nothing to really help me turn around my health and help me sleep better, help me learn how to eat better, help me learn how to deal with my stress, how to learn how to clear toxins, learn how to deal with all these aspects of my health that I now recognize are so incredibly important. So, that got me on this journey to understand – how do I get healthy? What do I do? And I realized that, you know, as a men’s health expert myself back then I didn’t have the answers either because we’re not taught that. We’re not given those tools in our medical education.

And so, I went down this journey, this path, this quest, if you will, of learning about epigenetics. I went through epigenetic certification programs, and I went through hormone optimization courses. I learned functional medicine and I learned about peptide therapy, and I learned about cutting-edge age management strategies that we now know that we can actually reverse the aging process. It’s a fascinating time in the history of medicine and healthcare right now. And so, I was able to really pivot and transform my own health. I started implementing these strategies with my patients, and I realized that I was onto something here. When these men were experiencing these radical changes and upgrades to their health and that got me really to where I am now. My passion and my mission is really helping men be the husbands, the fathers, the leaders that they’re meant to be.

That’s awesome! You know, I love that as my first question and I love hearing the stories because every single one of us it seems that’s now out there in functional medicine or holistic medicine or these other approaches are exactly as you’ve described. We’ve gone through our training and then we got sick because of all the things we’ve had to do, and it’s like but we don’t have any answers and we say to ourselves, “Well, wait a minute! I’m trained as a doctor. I should know the answer!” And we don’t, which sends us back learning some more because obviously they could go through all that, everything we’ve been through, we don’t mind learning things.


We just keep looking for answers. So, what does it mean, Dr. Gapin, to biohack male sexual performance then?

Yeah, so the term ‘biohack’ has been a very popular phrase over the last let’s say five or ten years now. That just really means what tricks, if you will, what strategies can you use to upgrade your human operating system, to upgrade your performance. Some of them are legitimate, which we’ll talk about. Some of them are a little hocus pocus. You know, when we look at things like peptide therapy, which I love and we could talk about later on, these strategies are specifically aimed at taking a very unique personalized approach to health and improving cellular efficiency, whether it’s reducing inflammation or optimizing immune function or whatever it may be. So, you know, these are all biohacks, ways of improving the way our body functions. And so, when we look at sexual function, you know, what’s interesting is a lot of men will really defer seeing a doctor for the longest time. And I was guilty of this myself! But a lot of men will not come to see me until they start having sexual function issues, and that is suddenly a wake-up call that, “Damn, I’ve got to get in and see a doc to see what’s going on here.” And a lot of times, they’ll come in for the bue pill. They’re asking for the blue pill, that’s what they think the answer is. That’s when I really put the brakes on and describe my system’s approach, a data-driven perspective on how we can take a very precision-based approach understanding. You know, everyone is unique and different, and we’ve got to take a different approach for everyone.

But coming full circle, when we come to sexual health, biohacks that we can use that I know work for most men are these regenerative strategies and tools that we have to stimulate, repair, and recovery of sexual function. And so, things like GAINSWave, which is a shockwave treatment or PRP, which is platelet-rich plasma, injection. Or even things like stem cells and exosomes. These are all approaches that we can use to stimulate regeneration and recovery of normal cellular function and normal blood flow to the penis, which is ultimately what is needed for normal healthy erections. And so, that’s really my approach, my biohack, is there’s no magic. We’re going to look at – how do we optimize cellular function? How do we improve and repair the damage that you’ve done to yourself over many years of your life?

And that’s so true. I mean, these biohack concepts…exactly, they’ve been out there, and they were brought up with the technology world and so forth and it’s stuck for a lot of people. But, you know, what you’ve done to yourself, you mentioned, and the idea is let’s talk about foundational things in functional medicine like the health issues that are most likely to lead men down the path of ED, erectile dysfunction.


What are those? So men can here that.

So, yeah. Absolutely. So, I would tell you that there’s probably three main points that I hear on a daily basis from the high-performing men that I work with – executives, entrepreneurs, retired athletes, professionals, lawyers, wealth advisors, whoever. It’s energy and fatigue, “I can’t focus. I’m tired throughout the day. I just want to take a nap. I’m dead halfway through the afternoon.” Number two, “I can’t lose weight. I’ve got this belly, and I’m twenty pounds overweight. I don’t care what I try, nothing works. I’ve tried all these fad diets. I’ve tried running on the treadmill every day. I’ve taken these magic pills, and nothing seems to help me lose weight.” And the third one is, “I can’t perform like I used to in the bedroom.” Those are really the three consistent complaints that I find. And they’re all related to really the same underlying process, and that is that, you know, we’re experiencing what I call a men’s health pandemic. It’s a crisis that’s not getting any attention, and that is that testosterone levels are plummeting. Worldwide we’re seeing about a thirty percent decline in testosterone levels over the last twenty years. That affects sexual desire, sexual function, muscle sure, but that also affects a lot of other very important processes. It affects metabolism, affects energy, it affects insulin sensitivity, it affects cognitive function and focus and mood, it affects our ability to burn fat and build muscle, and our ability to have healthy repair of damage. It helps us sleep. And so, you see how testosterone whereas it’s often thought of as just a sex hormone, it is intimately tied with every other part of the body.

And so, this brings me back to the system’s approach to health. You know, looking at it from a functional medicine perspective, how I approach these men is – yes, I love strategies like GAINSWave and PRP for treating directly the penis to stimulate new blood flow, but it’s really important that we take a systems approach to understanding that that’s just one part of the whole human system. And so, I’ve created what I call the M.A.L.E. Framework, and M.A.L.E. is actually an acronym that I use to help kind of create structure to my focus.

And so, M is mindset where I look at stress resilience and overcoming the detrimental effects of unmitigated stress. We can’t get rid of stress, but we can certainly develop resilience to understand how to better manage it and cope with it and not let it affect us negatively. I have a big focus on – what is your why? And, you know, for guys to have success with the rest of the M.A.L.E. Framework, you have to first understand what is your why and live with intention, understanding that that’s your ultimate goal and everything needs to be in alignment with that goal. And so, going out and having eight drinks tonight may not be in alignment with you being the best dad you want to be tomorrow. It’s making decisions like that on a regular basis. And that may be, you know, for me tonight when I finish work at 5:30 or 6:00 I’m going to hit the gym for an hour because I know that long-term it’s those little incremental steps that’re going to make the big difference. I could blow it off and go home and lay on the couch and hang out with the kids, which I’ll do after I work out, but I know that that’s a decision, a micro-decision, on a daily basis you got to make to live with intention toward your bigger why. And so, that’s the M. Mindset, stress resilience. What is your why? Eliminating limiting beliefs that a lot of guys have that I can’t change. “I can’t get over this. I’ll never be able to be the healthy guy I used to be.

A is aging. This is where I look at all the hormones, not just testosterone, but thyroid and cortisol and insulin and DHEA and so on. I look at cellular function. This is where I use peptide therapy to optimize cellular function. Looking at ways of reducing inflammation as well as.

L is lifestyle, you know, the traditional nutrition, sleep, and fitness that we know are so important. I take a very individualized, genetics-based, personalized approach to each of those. Everyone is different, and I treat them that way, but those are so important, especially sleep which we’ll talk about I’m sure near the end.

And then E is environment – looking at gut health, looking at immune function, looking at toxins in our environment. You know, the most common question I get on these podcast interviews is what’s the biggest culprit? The biggest reason for this testosterone pandemic that we’re experiencing? It’s clearly tied to endocrine disruptors or toxic chemicals in our environment that have been shown to crush testosterone. And so, upgrading our detox systems and eliminating our exposure to these toxins are really critical as well. So, that’s the long answer, I’m sorry, for your question. The M.A.L.E. Framework, yeah.

Yeah, that’s fine! It was great to hear your acronym for M.A.L.E. and the fact that people get to get a sense of, “okay, what are you talking about with this systems approach?” And when you talk about a systems approach, we’re talking about multiple systems. You mentioned, you know, the gut. You mention the detox system. There are so many parts to it. It starts to become a long answer. It starts to become complicated. So, what type of diet and lifestyle behaviors would you put at the top of the list that put men at more risk for suffering from erectile dysfunction?

Great question. So, there are a number of factors. If we look at, you know, what causes erectile dysfunction? We can look at nutrition. We can look at excess sugar, excess refined processed carbs in our diet. We can look at omega-6 polyunsaturated fats. These are the vegetable oils like canola oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil. Any of those oils. Peanut oils or vegetable oils that you see, and especially packaged products are pro-inflammatory. These have a massive effect on our ability to burn fat and a massive effect on our cardiovascular, system and they cause insulin resistance as well. And so, they promote poor glucose regulation which leads to obesity and leads to vascular disease. And all these are intimately tied to erectile function.

So, to give a little bit of physiology here, to have an erection you need to have blood flow to the penis and these arteries which are providing blood flow will dilate. They’ll relax to allow increased blood flow into the penis, and that increased blood flow is what creates the erection. Okay? That engorgement of blood it blocks the outflow of the venous drainage, and that’s what gives you an erection. Well, how does that occur? Well, in the lining of those arteries you have smooth muscle, and that smooth muscle has to relax to open up to allow more blood flow to come in. Well, how does that blood vessel, that artery relax? It’s nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is the hormone that promotes vasodilation, and what inhibits nitric oxide? Insulin resistance. And so, this is why, coming full circle, when you’re eating like shit, excuse my language, it causes and promotes insulin resistance which decreases nitric oxide which means you can’t get it up. And so, that’s the direct relationship. And studies have shown if you just fix your…we haven’t even talked about sleep and fitness and detox and everything else, just nutrition alone studies have shown if you just fix your diet alone it can have a statistically significant improvement in sexual function.

Absolutely, I mean men out there you really need to be hearing this because, you know, I’ve had honestly how many times have patients heard from medical doctors or physicians, medical providers, that your diet doesn’t matter? Not from a functional medicine doc! Not from those of us that have gotten ill and figured it out and said, “Wait a minute, there’s something wrong here and I’ve got to learn what else I need to know to get better.” And then we’ve learned it and we’ve gotten better.

That’s right.

So, now we’re here trying to give people the word and exactly what you’re talking about is what they need to hear. That it really starts with diet and then everything else starts to fall into better place. And then, of course, the exercise and the detox and optimizing gut health and sleep, and all these different things. So, once someone starts working on their overall health with these lifestyle things and then, you know, let’s say things aren’t improving but they’re not really getting where the person optimally wants them to be, then how do they do this regeneration? What are the main techniques, main treatments, that you’re recommending for folks that have done the foundational stuff and now they’re still having issues with their performance?

Yeah, so when it comes to sexual performance, you know, I mentioned a moment ago GAINSWave and I’ll just dive deeply into that treatment because a lot of guys are not familiar with it. When we look at regenerative options for sexual function, GAINSWave is really at the forefront of that. GAINSWave is the brand, if you will, for the shockwave therapy to the penis, okay? So, the same technology that we use for breaking up kidney stones where you can put a probe on the side of the back and it delivers shockwaves, soundwaves into the kidneys to break up kidney stones can be used at a lower intensity on the penis. We’re not breaking up stones in the penis, we’re actually stimulating repair. We’re stimulating the stem cells in the penis, the progenitor cells, to active, and they in turn will repair the surrounding tissue. They’ll help stimulate a process called angiogenesis which is creating new blood vessels, new blood flow. It’ll help improve the vascular supply of the penis to help improve erections. And so, GAINSWave is a really nice regenerative option for boosting sexual function by fixing the underlying problem of poor blood flow. Those foundational aspects that we talked about, the nutrition and the sleep and the fitness and the detox and everything else, the way I position it is, “Look, Joe. I can help fix your sexual function now, tonight, today, right here, right now with some Band-Aid approaches like the blue pill, the yellow pill, injections, vacuum pump, stuff like that to give an erection today, right now. But long term I’m going to fix it with these options like GAINSWave and PRP,” which we’ll talk about, “and exosomes. If you just do that, it’s going to come right back again in a year from now. The problem is going to come right back unless you address it.”

And so, that’s where the foundational stuff…so you see, I position the foundational stuff, that the M.A.L.E. Framework more as, “look, if you want to have a long-term sustained result, we need to change the underlying process. If you don’t fix the leak in your roof, it’s going to keep coming through.” And so, that’s what’s really about it. It’s fixing the underlying problem right now with GAINSWave, but if I don’t fix the other issues, it’s going to come right back again.

Yeah, and in the cognitive world we talk about how many holes are there in your roof. So, if you know if there’s only one hole, you can fill that in pretty good and maybe GAINSWave is the answer. But what about the five other holes over here, and the three over there? If you don’t look at those then, as you say, you’re going to be right back.

That’s right, that’s right. Yeah.

This the GAINSWave concept that you’ve just helped them understand, let’s go into some of these others. What is PRP, platelet-rich plasma. I use it all the time. I’m an osteopathic physician, a specialist in osteopathic manipulation and joint pain, so I use PRP with ligaments, tendinopathies, you know, chronic tendon laxity and things like that. How does it fit into the erectile dysfunction world?

Yeah, PRP is wonderful in that, you know, number one for the listeners it’s not a drug. It’s not a medication. It’s simply your own blood products. And what we do with PRP, whether it’s for hair loss, whether it’s for skin rejuvenation, whether it’s for joint healing, whether it’s for sexual function, wherever you’re injecting it, you’re basically taking the platelets and the growth factors and the cytokines that we know stimulate repair and regeneration of healthy tissue and concentrating it in the area where it’s needed. And so, the way I do PRP, which is probably very similar to the way you do it, Dr. Trish, is I draw a patient’s blood in the office. Put that blood in a high-speed centrifuge, and we spin it down. We’re able to separate out the blood into the different layers of blood products. And so, the bottom, the most dense layer at the very bottom of the of the tube once you’ve spun it is the red blood cells. And then above that you have a buffy coat it’s called, which is like a thick white layer which is full of the good healthy growth factors, platelets, all the good products that you want. And then above that is the serum, the plasma, which is typically sometimes something to call that PPP or platelet poor plasma. But you want the platelet-rich plasma, which is that buffy coat. And so, I would draw that up and uh and then I would inject that directly into the erectile tissue of the penis to stimulate repair and recovery. And I do like to always, whenever I do that, whether I do that with GAINSWave or not, I definitely see better results when I combine the two modalities together, is I have guys use a vacuum pump, an erection pump, on a daily basis to stimulate repair as well in recovery.

Wow! So, these are interesting modalities, obviously, that really seems like they’re helping people perform at high performance. That’s what we’re after.

That’s right!

What about these exosomes? You were listing off these different concepts. Why don’t we just keep rolling?

Yeah, sure. So, you have stem cells which are the progenitor cells from which every other cell grows so. When we’re babies, when we’re in utero, the stem cells are what creates other cells, other tissue to grow. So, stem cells are very attractive to use for any type of healing process because they will help provide really the foundation, the framework, for normal healthy growth. Exosomes, the simplest way to think about exosomes are they are the secretions from stem cells. If you could get the contents of a stem cell, that is what exosomes really are. And so, they are really at a very foundational level. They provide the stimulation, the signals, that the body needs to create new healthy tissue.

And how do you get the exosomes to increase? What is their potential?

So, yeah. Exosomes are a product that you that you actually buy.


And you have them injected wherever you want to put them. Some people take exosome IV. Some people get exosomes in joints. Some do exosomes in their hair. But exosomes can be used for sexual function. Now, I’ll clarify a couple things here. Number one is you’ve got to be sure you’re getting a good quality product. So, there are only two labs in that country that I would trust, and I won’t name any names here, but you have to be sure you’re getting a good quality product that comes from really what you want is a single stem cell line. You want to know you’re getting a good, purified exosome product. And there’s a lot of. It’s a wild west, so you’ve got to be really careful what you’re getting. Number two, I want to clarify that of everything I talked about today, this is the one part that off label. So, using exosomes or stem cells for sexual function is specifically off-label. And so, while I do that sometimes, my patients will always understand that particular modality is off label for that use.

And you mentioned peptide therapy.


How is that similar? How is that different to the other ones you listed off?

Yeah. So, peptides are really incredible. Peptides are simply short protein, okay? So, a protein is a long chain of amino acids. One hundred or more amino acids in length is the definition of a protein. A peptide is nothing more than a short chain of amino acids. Anything less than one hundred is called a ‘peptide.’ A peptide is a signaling molecule, if you will. It’s synthesized to mimic sigma molecules in your body. So, for example, insulin is a peptide. A growth hormone is technically it’s a peptide, okay? It’s a hormone. It’s a long chain, but it technically is a peptide. And so, there are peptides that we can use for very precise, specific functions such as reducing inflammation. Whether it’s in the gut or whether it’s in a joint or whether it’s systemic inflammation, we can reduce it with certain peptides. There are peptides that help with musculoskeletal repair, especially after surgery, for example. Or if you’ve injured your hip, your knee, your elbow. There are peptides for boosting immune function, peptides for sleep, for cognitive function and focus, for energy, for sexual function, for weight loss, for almost anything. These peptides are signaling molecules that your body has recognition of because there are signals that your body is used to already, and basically over the years your body has become depleted of these enzymes, peptides, if you will. And so, that’s what peptide therapy is. It’s really repleting those signals that your body has lost to allow it to repair itself.

So, are these peptides taken? Are they injected as the things you’ve mentioned before? Are they taken orally?

Yeah, sure.

How are they utilized?

Some peptides are oral. So, like BPC, for example, is a peptide that’s taken orally and that’s great for gut health. Some peptides are nasal spray, like Selank is a nasal spray that’s great for anxiety and for sleep. Dihexa is a topical peptide that’s great for memory, concentration actually. Some peptides are injectable, like CJC, ipamorelin, or tesamorelin are great growth hormone secretagogues, which means they stimulate your body’s internal production of growth hormone. So, you’re not taking exogenous growth hormone which could have some potential side effects. You’re stimulating your body to produce its own growth hormone naturally. And so, it depends on which peptide you’re using for what reason. And the route of administration can vary.

You know, folks, this is all very interesting, of course, for everyone to be hearing. How does it work? When a gentleman comes in to see you, what does it look like? What’s that system? Or what does it look like for them?

Sure, yeah. So, you know, when I start working with men, the first two questions I ask are – number one, where are you now? And number two, where do you want to be? That’s really the foundation upon which everything else originates. Where are you now? That means how is your overall health right now? What issues are you having? What challenges have you had in the past? What’s holding you back? What are you here? What’s your health issue that we need to overcome? Sometimes there are massive, major issues they’re having. Other time, they just want to optimize. They just want to, you know, extend lifespan and live as long as they can. And then where they want to be. What are your goals? What is your why? Why should I help you? What should I work with you? What’s the reason you’re here with me now? What finally got you here? Now, what is it about now that’s different than yesterday? That helps me really understand what a man’s trying to achieve. You know, I want to make sure I can help him. I want to make sure that I have the tools in my toolbox to solve his issues. And so, normally, almost always, I can because most men are…we’re simple creatures in my mind. We are all fairly similar in the challenges that men seem to have. I work with high-performing men every day, all day, so I’m very familiar with their issues.

Well, that’s great! Do you just see men locally in Sarasota at Smart Men’s Health, or do you see folks elsewhere? How do you…

Yeah, no. So, actually the Gapin Institute for Elite Health and Performance is my local center. I see men here locally, but I also do telehealth visits nationally. And so, I work with a lot of men around the country all via telehealth, and I’m licensed in several states. And so, I’m able to practice telehealth as well. Most of the stuff that I do can be done virtually.

That’s great! So, if people want to learn more about GAINSWave particularly or any of the other modalities you’ve mentioned, what would you suggest they do?

Thank you. So, you can check out my website it’s, and there’s more information on my site. The site for my center is, where you can see all the services offered if you’re coming here locally. And then I do have an offer for a download if guys are interested.  They can text ‘health,’ the word ‘health’ to 26786, and they can get a free men’s health guide with the top ten strategies for optimizing health and performance, some of which we’ve talked about today. And they’ll also get the first six chapters of my book Male 2.0 for free. They’ll also get the opportunity to book a discovery call with me if they’re interested in working with me further.

That’s great! You know, in the functional medicine world we know that it’s enormous amounts of education to help people realize that there are other paths other than, like you say, the blue pill or the injections. So, guys, you really need to seek this out. Dr. Gapin is giving an enormous amount of lists here of ways to, you know, get in touch with him. Get his information and learn more about the modalities he’s alluding to today.

So, Dr. Gapin, thanks so much for being on the show! The last question I always want to ask everyone that comes on the show because I love to hear these answers is – what is your number one secret for living a healthy life?

I love this question. The answer is sleep. The answer is unequivocally, wholeheartedly sleep. And the reason for that is sleep is overlooked. You know, most of the men that I work with they’re overperformers, they are grinders. They think that working harder is better. And, you know, when you exercise, when you train, you’re not building muscle. I want to be really clear and emphasize this point out here that when you exercise, you’re tearing muscle down. And so, well the obvious question is, “Well, when do I build muscle then? If I’m working out, I’m tearing down muscle. When do I build muscle?” When you sleep. And so, sleep is when your body repairs itself. It’s when it recovers. It’s when it builds muscle. It’s when it builds healthy tissue. It’s when your growth hormone levels surge. It’s when your testosterone levels recover. It’s when your body clears all the cellular debris and trash. It is such a vital part of our health, and yet, guys take it for granted and they think that they can get away with four hours of sleep and nonsense. You think you are, but you’re not. Your cortisol levels the next day will still rise to help you get through the day with, you know, some amount of energy, but you’re affecting every other system in the body. Again, human systems, you know, everything intersects. High cortisol equals low testosterone, storing fat, etc. And so, you’ve got to get good sleep.

And so, you know, some of the tips I give – go to bed the same exact time every night without question. Set an alarm if you have to. Go to bed the exact same time. Phones off, iPads off, computers off four hours before bedtime, so no blue light. If you’re going to watch TV even, I recommend wearing blue light blocking glasses. Any kind of screen should be avoided though if at all possible. A cold, dark room. I recommend keeping the electronics out of your bedroom, especially, you know, a lot guys put their phone by their nightstand next to them. The EMF your phone emits can affect the quality of your sleep. And so, keep all those electronics out of your room. And then finally one last part of this is your morning routine has a dramatic effect on how you sleep. Studies show that sunlight exposure in the morning has a dramatic effect on melatonin production at night. And so, in the morning get outside, get some sunlight exposure on your body it definitely helps later on.

Awesome! And that’s why up here in the mountains we have a little trouble with that sort of stuff because the sun’s not up yet! But this has been awesome, Dr. Gapin. Thank you so much for being on the show. And, guys, I really hope you’ve gotten some really good information on men’s high-performance health because this gentleman obviously knows what to tell you! So, thanks so much for being on the show!

Thank you for having me today!


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