Welcome everyone! I’m Dr. Trish Murray – physician, author, and the Health Catalyst Speaker. I just want to thank everyone who has joined us and everyone who is registered but maybe couldn’t make it tonight but is listening to this later. This is so exciting for me and the other six authors. All seven of us are so excited for this new book, No More Band-Aids 2.0: Finding Answers in a Broken Medical System. The whole point of tonight’s webinar is to tell you about this amazing new book, have you meet the authors, and hear about the different chapters. I also want to thank all of the authors for making the time to be here with us so that you can hear all about them. This is so exciting!


Folks, first of all this is our launch of this book. And the launch started yesterday, it is today, and it will be tomorrow. Of course, as we’re going through this tonight if you’re intrigued by what you’re hearing and if you haven’t already then please make sure you purchase our digital version of the book tonight! How you do that is you’re going to go to the website: www.NoMoreBandAidsBook.com and that will take you to the landing page to tell you all about the book. From there, you’ll see a link right to Amazon where you can buy the digital Kindle version of the book. Now please realize, you do not need to have a Kindle to be able to buy the Kindle digital version of the book. You just go to Amazon and buy it and you can download it to your cellphone, desktop, or iPad – you know, all of these different things.

Remember also that this is a collaborative book; that’s why we are here! You’re going to hear tonight, and, in the book, you’ll read about things related to how to stay healthy and pain-free as you age. You’re going to be reading about hormonal struggles. The neat thing about this is that just about every single one of the authors probably will be talking about their personal life in some regard and how it led them down the path to learn more because they had difficulties with themselves or their family in order to heal. You’re going to hear about the healing powers of essential oils. You’re going to hear about an actual solution for your child’s epilepsy, ADHD/ADD, or hyperactivity. If your family and many generations are seeing patterns of illnesses on a regular basis, wait until you here Dr. Sonza talk about this generational health and change your family’s destiny! Also, Luke is going to be talking about exercise when you don’t have time. Folks, if any of this is intriguing you just wait to hear the authors! As you’re listening, please check out www.NoMoreBandAidsBook.com which is the landing page for the book.

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With all that being said as an introduction, we’re going to go through this in the order in which the chapters are in the book itself. So, Chapter 1! The title of the chapter is From Hyperactive to Winning in Life. Dr. Chris Neveling MD is a leading expert in optimizing health the natural way, empowering hyperactive children to shine. He has consulted over half a million kids and delivered more than 1,000 babies since he graduated medical school in 1983. Dr. Chris is the founder of PowerkidsMD, a bestselling author, and international speaker, educating parents to equip their children, handle the root cause of hyperactivity, and not fall victim to the broken medical system. So, Dr. Chris Neveling why don’t you please come on and tell folks about yourself and your chapter.

Thanks for the introduction, Dr. Trish, and for having me on your webinar. Yeah, as it speaks for itself that’s what I’ve been doing and my niche is particularly to help children with ADD and ADHD, which is a label I called “hyperactivity” because it includes a whole spectrum. I’ll show you a little bit now on my slides what I’ve done.

audio clip from one of Dr. Chris Neveling’s Powerkids, 17-year-old Brenna: “It was just my body healing and getting the nourishment that it needs. I have gotten so much more energy and so much enthusiastic about life. The willingness to wake up in the morning, there was a huge improvement in it. I was very, very, very happy with that!”

So, if your kid is not focused and driving you bonkers because they do funny things like they’re impulsive or they’re forgetful. They can be inattentive and also antisocial (don’t want to play with the other kids), defiant (won’t want to listen to what Mom has to say), or just plain rude or obnoxious sometimes (they do what you want them to do when you don’t want them to do it) and they can show off and do fancy tricks or throw little tantrums and then you have to try and control them. Sometimes they just crash; you’re looking for them and they’re out or they just ignore you.

The opposite here is when you get a remedy that gets them more focused, they understand what’s going on, they have a routine and follow the routine, they can achieve A+ in school, their marks are up, they’re learning very well, and they are together with you and you spend some good time. They’re much calmer like they should be, and they can sit still and chat with you and it’s blissful. Mom can take some time off. Now you have, of course, a “Powerkid” which is kind of shining.

We developed a three-system process to make Powerkids. The first step is to acknowledge. Your child is perfect because it’s like a “mini me” of you. It’s not your fault because nobody has ever told you or shown you what the simple truth of what is really happening. There are ninety essential building blocks, and that’s what the body’s built of. It needs it in the food if you want your body to work properly. Today we cannot get all these minerals and vitamins from food. The soil is depleted in many of the ninety essential nutrients. They are just missing. Why? Because there’s mass farming and it causes plants to be sick and animals to not do well. In turn they need to have crops sprayed and use artificial fertilizer just to make things grow. How do you imagine your kid will do well if he doesn’t even get the essential sixty minerals? There’s sixteen vitamins the body desperately needs, there are twelve amino acids, and the three fatty acids which make up the membranes of cells. If any one of these things are missing it will manifest with disease like ADD and ADHD or any other disease unless you immediately supplement the body with absolutely all of these nutrients, all of the ninety building stones. It cannot repair itself and then your kid is basically starving when it’s called ADD or ADHD because he’s not got all the nutrients. So, if they have symptoms like in ADD or ADHD it’s a sign that disaster is in the making. It’s signaling you that their little body’s unable to maintain and repair. So, ADD (attention deficit disorder) and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) – yeah, they are simply lacking essential building blocks. That’s right! The right dose, the right ratio, the right quantity, and it must be plant-based so the body can use it.

The second step of our process is to discover how to fully recover.

We all know the body has the innate ability to heal itself always, it’s very intelligent, if you allow it to.Click To Tweet So, what we need to do is look at the foods. The main thing is no gluten. Don’t ever have gluten again; it always irritates, then destroys the gut lining, damages the microbiome or the little bugs inside and subsequently you cannot digest and absorb your nutrients properly from the food. It further irritates the immune system causing sensitivities and allergies throughout the body. There are many gluten-free substitutes, so you don’t have to be deprived. The next is to progressively reduce sugar to natural sources like fruit and vegetables. The third thing is to become more aware to ingest less toxins like the processed food and the dirty dozen. There are a lot of things that are crop sprayed and you can Google them later. Dirty dozen are the fruits and vegetables most crop sprayed. You want to avoid them. Also, you microwave food, you use Teflon pans, water, microplastics in water, cleaning materials, and personal products. These all, people are causing extra damage over and above the daily wear and tear of the body, causing chronic inflammation of your cells, and the body can manage unless you give it all of the ninety essential nutrients, then it can recover itself and be well.

The third step is design. Now we have to rebuild the mother and child relationship once we’ve got this ADD and ADHD under control because I coach you how to recover from a rough time that is behind you. Then we use awesome learning skills, a special course and training you go through, not only to catch up what your child got behind with, but to also surpass all the learning that has happening before and the knowledge and be a PowerKid. Finally, your child needs to contribute to the family, and we show you how you can involve him as this is a deep-seated urge of most people to truly want to help others. When he needs to help the family and that’s his platform from where he tackles life and becomes very successful in the family. I love to see you all shine again and that’s my purpose to help you with this. Thank you very much.

(Offer expires July 1st 2020)

Dr. Chris, that was awesome! Thank you so much for telling everybody about your chapter. And also folks, this slide will show you that the very first gift…remember if you go to www.NoMoreBandAidsBook.com go over from there to Amazon, purchase the digital version of the book for only $0.99, and then come back to the landing page www.NoMoreBandAidsBook.com you’re going to get $400 worth of gifts. You’ll notice the very first one is First Aid for Kids Live Online Class valued at $197 from Dr. Chris. Thank you, Dr. Chris, for donating that to the gifts. Thank you so much for telling everybody about your chapter.

I’m delighted, thank you.

Folks, I’m actually Chapter 2 in the book and my chapter is entitled The Missing Link to Healthy Aging. My first slide, rather than get into all of the deep details about the fact that yes, I hold four different medical specialties, and I was originally an internal medicine primary care doctor and all of those things many of you in the audience are actually from my tribe and you know those things about me. And even if you don’t know me, whether you know me or you don’t, one thing that many people don’t know is that I was once at twenty-nine years old I was a contestant on the American Gladiators television show. That’s what you’re seeing the image of. On the left…I’m not the platinum blonde in the red sweatshirt, I’m the one onto her left looking out at the camera with the white T-shirt. And again, I’m twenty-nine years old.

Why am I bringing this up tonight? I’m bringing this up because my chapter, The Missing Link to Healthy Aging, is about my journey in many ways to becoming a specialist in the connective tissue. Yes, I was on American Gladiators at twenty-nine, but if you go back to when I was nineteen, I was an elite athlete and I suffered an injury to the base of my spine. I suffered during a women’s lacrosse event a herniation of my spine that ended my elite athletic career in a split second. I went to the traditional orthopedists and surgeons and medical doctors and to be honest, they had no answer for me, and I was devastated. I had to go out and learn for myself about diet, about exercise, about strengthening my body, and I found ways outside, if you will, of the traditional medical model to heal myself. Ten years later (it did take a while) I became an elite athlete again, and I was selected to be on the American Gladiators at the age of twenty-nine. It was a real lot of fun! It was my few minutes of fame.

This chapter for me is talking about what I have learned throughout all of my medical training as an osteopath and my own injuries and healing my own injuries, about a holistic system of the body – your connective tissue. Now, most people have heard of the connective tissue, the fascia. I even call it the “fabric of life.” But you don’t realize it surrounds every single thing in your body. It surrounds every muscle, it surrounds every organ, and it surrounds your brain (some of the thickest fascia surrounds your skull and your brain). It sections us off into our cranium, our thoracic area, and our abdominal area. It is so important to our health, and the very first conference where all the scientists of the world came together to share what we know about the fascia, folks, did not happen until 2007! That’s not that many years ago! This is a new area to much of science, and many medical doctors have not been trained very much in this avenue. So, as you see on this slide, are there really 600 muscles or really one muscle encased in 600 bags of fascia?

Now, this is a holistic system. Folks, you’re familiar with this system. If you look at this image. Everybody out there probably has peeled a grapefruit or an orange. You’ll see the orange or the yellow skin, but right below it you see the thick white material that you all have engaged with. Guess what? That’s fascia! That’s connective tissue. As you see the inside, you also see that the orange or the grapefruit is sectioned off into sections. Like if a friend says to you, “Can I have a section of your grapefruit.” You could say, “Sure!” You peel one off and you give it to them. You’ve all done that before. What’s sectioning it off? The white lines that you see cutting this into pieces of pizza is fascia. One more thing. Look inside the slices of the pizza and you see these tiny little areas like you see the pulp that you know that’s where the juice is. Folks, that’s even in tiny little bags. Fascia is a holistic system that surrounds everything in every organism. It actually is called the master designer of the body and the organism. Every single organism has a fascial system.

Now, why is my chapter called The Missing Link to Healthy Aging? And why is fascia the missing link to healthy aging? This slide will help you understand. I go over all of this in the chapter in even more detail. Basically, if you look at the left you see a sponge. That is a natural sponge from the ocean. Next to it is a magnified image of the fibers of fascia. Do they look kind of similar to each other? They do to me. That’s because fascia is very similar to a sponge.

Now, think about in the morning if you go out into your kitchen. First of all, when you get out of bed you may feel stiff. You may have pain; you may not be able to stand up quite right and you’re bent over. You go out to the kitchen and let’s say you pick up the sponge on the side of your counter that’s not been in the water. If you try and bend it and ply it and move it, it doesn’t bend. It’s tight and it’s dried up. It’s brittle and it might tear, or you might injure it, if you will, or tear it. Our fascia, our fabric of life, that surrounds everything in you is just like a sponge.

I go into in my chapter the fact that you first of all must hydrate it. I talk about how and make sure, of course, with water and how much. I also talk about the fact that if you now take a sponge and put it in a plate of water, it’s going to start soaking up the water. If you pick it up then and you squish it and you squeeze it and you stretch it and you twist it and then you put it back in the water, what does it do? It soaks up even more water. We are the same!

If you hydrate well and you move and you stretch and you exercise in gentle ways that I teach you exactly what to do in the chapter, then you will improve your pain, you will move better, and you will not be as tight.Click To TweetYour organs will function better, your blood will flow better, and you will age better! Folks, this is what my chapter is mostly all about. I also in the chapter challenge you. I give you a very exact definitive exercise steps to do and also talk about things to eat which many of the authors do to be optimally healthy and hydrate your fascia. I challenge you to a 21-day challenge that if you do what’s in the chapter for twenty-one days, you will most likely feel better.

Then, with the www.NoMoreBandAidsBook.com you notice when you go to that landing page, I have a gift where I am gifting you a free 1-month membership to our Discover Health Movement Membership. We have three live classes online per week (you don’t have to come here); you can do it all online and you get all the recordings. The value for a month is there and given to you for free. Please make sure you go to www.NoMoreBandAidsBook.com and check that out. Get your book and get your gifts!

Now we’re going to go on Chapter 3. Chapter 3 in the book is entitled A Journey to Finding the Cause of Seizures. Krista Zweers is a wife and mother of three boys ages 18, 14, and 12. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Specialist. She is a Certified Detox and Cleanse Specialist, she is a Certified Cannabis Specialist, and a healing-seizures-naturally advocate. Krista dedicates her professional work to helping people who suffer from seizures become seizure-free.

Great! Well, thank you for that awesome introduction, Dr. Trish. That was better than I could ever do! Thank you everyone for joining. This is, I think, a great opportunity for us to talk about the book and our chapters. For you all to learn some amazing tips and suggestions that we are all trying to throw out there to really help people be their own health advocates and take charge of their life.

My journey started years ago. Longer than seven years ago, probably closer to ten, all of my boys around the age of eighteen months old developed seizures. The doctors assured me that this would probably pass over, that it was just febrile type, fever related. Unfortunately, there were different situations and occasions that the kids would have seizures and it continued on past their five year, past their six year, well into their seven and even ten years of their life.

As a stressed-out parent who ended up reactivating their Epstein-barr virus, I developed Hashimoto’s thyroiditis immune condition. Because of the stress I ended up with adrenal fatigue and was exhausted, overweight, stressed out, and had to work on myself. I didn’t really learn that until I reached out to a naturopathic doctor, actually a functional doctor like Dr. Trish, because I had gone to my neurologist and asked him if we could get one of our sons off of medication. He told me that that was likely impossible and the reason we wanted to get him off medication is because he said to us that he wanted to hurt himself. He wanted to bang his head on the wall, and he felt like he was a weirdo. He also wanted to scratch his toenails in his flip flops, and he didn’t feel right. I knew it was the medication. We asked the neurologist to get off, and the neurologist flat out refused and handed me a new prescription and laughed at the idea that nutrition could be at play when I questioned him about it. As you can imagine, a mom who’s dealing with kids like in the picture with tonic, clonic type seizures it’s devastating. It’s so stressful, and you really honestly never want to see it. With all three kids having these types of seizures, I was desperate to find answers.

With reaching out to a functional doctor I was able to get help. We did some testing, and we found out there were nutritional deficiencies like low magnesium, low vitamin D, zinc was low, and glutathione was low. Then we did some food allergy testing, and we found out that there were food sensitivities, intolerances to gluten, to dairy, to eggs, to beef, even bananas. We had all these things coming at us and we had to learn how to be able to juggle the information that was coming towards us. We never were told by the neurologist that lack of sleep or stress or some of these causes of seizures were really maybe at play.

You don’t often hear from neurologists that nutrition could be at play, that heavy metals or gluten sensitivity could be the cause of their seizures. Most of them just want to keep you on medication and try to remedy the situation like that.Click To Tweet

What we did is we took the matters into our own hands and I researched and researched. We started with clean organic nutrition, really focusing on whole-based nutrient rich plant-based foods, colorful foods, antioxidant-rich, leafy greens, berries, nuts, seeds. Food from the earth that was intended for our bodies. I look at things like food as medicine. It truly is and it ignites the body’s healing process. The body has an innate ability to heal if it is given the right nutrients, the right tools. If you are dehydrated, stressed out, and eating packaged foods, some frozen foods, premade foods that are filled with artificial ingredients, dyes, preservatives, toxic chemicals, and ingredients…you don’t realize all that’s in your food until you really start reading the labels looking at these words and seeing how they can have effects on our health.

Unfortunately, these AEDs (anti-epileptic drugs) cause other symptoms and problems within our body. Some of them can make us be deficient and have an effect on our liver and kidneys. We never were told these kinds of things when we were given these prescription drugs.

As a parent, I felt cheated. I felt misinformed. I was angry, and I wanted to make change. Through holistic nutrition and lifestyle, I was really able to improve their health.Click To Tweet And, to be honest, within thirty days of changing our food habits…I went through the cupboards and cleared everything out. No more gluten, no more dairy. We switched to plant-based foods. No more packaged foods, they were all whole foods. Within thirty days the teachers noticed the change, their attention deficit went away. Their attention improved, their social ability improved, and our kids became seizure-free. They’ve been seizure-free for seven years!

In my chapter, I list natural ways that you can achieve your health back, where you can get back to homeostasis. Drinking water, exercising daily or four days a week, performing de-stressing techniques, meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, eating colorful plant-based foods, avoiding packaged and refined foods, and increasing your health fats to feed and heal the brain. This is huge – avoiding environmental toxic exposures. When we did heavy metal testing, we found out they had high levels of lead, arsenic, and mercury. These are directly linked to seizures and increase in neurotoxicity. Avoiding chemicals and pesticides in food. I know it’s so hard to do and you can’t wash off the pesticides. When you bite into that apple it needs to be nutrient rich from the soil from the roots up through the plant. Performing cleanses and detoxifications so that you can effectively remove these heavy metals and these toxins from your body. Invest in prevention!

Invest in whole foods and tips that these doctors in this book are providing so that you can utilize the best medicine (natural medicine) to heal your body, to ignite that natural healing process that your body is innately designed to do.Click To Tweet We just have to figure out what is at play, what the root cause could be that’s triggering our chronic conditions, our seizures, our gut disturbances, our sleep, our headaches. You pull away gluten, you pull away dairy, and you reduce inflammation. When you start eating clean, you start feeling clean, and you start getting your energy back and your sleep improves. Kids like mine, they become seizure-free and now I’m helping other families become seizure-free too and it’s happening. There’s hope. That’s what I want to give people. There’s hope. Do the work, reach out to the natural doctors, holistic practitioners, functional medical doctors, doctors like Chris, doctors like Trish and Sonza.

Also, nutritionists like yourself, Krista!

And like me! Because we do the hard work to uncover the root cause of your problems. We really care about creating a healing response. Remember again, it’s www.NoMoreBandAidsBook.com. My personal website is www.nourishrevivethrive.net you can find me there. You can find me on Facebook with my Nourish Revive Support Groups. I have epilepsy awareness page to support with holistic approaches. You can find me all over and in the book. Read my tips and maybe we can get some of your kids seizure-free.

And Krista, you’re giving a gift.

I’m offering the first ten people that sign up for the free gift an hour complimentary consultation. I’ve already had a few people sign up! I do also offer personal 30-minute complimentary consultations just to kind of see if I can help. If you have some disorders that you think I can help with, I know I probably can. Reach out to me, and I’ll provide that complimentary 30-minute consult if you’re not one of the first ten to claim that gift.

Awesome. Thank you so much, Krista. That’s awesome. Thank you for sharing all of that!

Thank you!

We’re going to move on the Chapter 4 with Dr. Julia Ward MD. Chapter 4 is entitled Transforming Your Life – Healing Inflammation and Hormonal Imbalance. I’m going to read your bio, Julia, and then I’m going to turn it over to you! Dr. Julia Ward MD is a champion for the healthcare of busy stressed out moms. Her own issues with hormonal imbalances and chronic fatigue spurred her to complete a study of functional medicine. This is a more holistic way of approaching health that looks for the root causes of symptoms rather than just treating a diagnosis with a prescription. As a working mom with five kids, she knows what it feels like to be overwhelmed with fatigue, stress, and other changes that happen with age. Dr. Ward has been able to bring balance to her own health as well as to the hundreds of patients she’s worked with. She completed her fellowship with the Metabolic Medicine Institute also known as the A4M and continues to study with the Institute for Functional Medicine, the International Peptides Society, and a variety of other organizations and functional labs. She graduated medical school from the University of Southern California and has been practicing medicine for over twenty-five years. Thanks, Julia, for your chapter and thanks for participating.

Thanks so much for having me! Yeah, my journey to functional medicine really started with myself when I became extremely fatigued. I was about forty-five or forty-six years old and I just felt overwhelming fatigue. I went to my GYN doctor to ask about hormones. I had actually…backing up a little bit, in high school I had a chemistry teacher who was like a second mom to me. When I was in medical school, I actually lived with her and her partner for a while. I remember seeing them and watching them go through menopause. At that point in time, this was early 1990s, there was really no options for them. At least none that I saw. They just were told, “You just have to deal with all the symptoms,” and they had every symptom. I just thought, I never want to go through that. I started looking into bioidentical hormones and when I asked my GYN doctor about it, she really blew me off saying, “There’s really nothing to do.” I was sort of confused because that should be their specialty, hormonal balance. I would think the GYNs would be all about that. I started researching it and that’s how I came across functional medicine. What I found besides learning all about bioidentical hormones, was how central our gut health is to our overall health. That really has been a major focus of my practice over the last six years.

What I have here is a diagram of what we call “leaky gut.” You can see on the left-hand side the cells that line our intestinal tract all the way through are these single-cell layer of epithelial cells. Normally, the food that we swallow is broken down and absorbed and passed through into the blood; however, things like

stress, medications, different types of food, and infections can all cause inflammation of this gut lining so that now we have these big gaps in between the cells.Click To Tweet Now, what we eat can go directly into the bloodstream.

This puts our immune system on high alert, and it will start attacking the foreign particles but over a long period of time it starts to attack our own cells. For women, that tends to be the thyroid, but it can also be the joints. That’s where arthritis is coming from. Other things like irritable bowel syndrome; there’s a whole host of autoimmune disorders. Again, the microbiome it’s really key and essential that we have all the good bacteria in our large colon that is going things like producing neurotransmitters and helping produce different essential vitamins as well.


The other thing that I, of course, talk about are the hormonal causes and what we’re going through. For menopause, one of the first hormones…so there are three sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. One of the first ones that starts falling off the chart is progesterone. When we have low progesterone especially compared to the estrogen, we become estrogen dominant. That’s what you see in this first picture here where the weight gain is mainly around the hips and the butt, versus somebody who’s having a lot of stress (they’re having a lot of cortisol) so that’s more of an adrenal picture, and you can see the adrenal picture has more weight gain right around the middle. That’s more stress related. People with underactive thyroids or hypothyroid condition, they will get kind of a weight gain all over. Then finally, fatty liver…this looks like the pot belly or the beer belly that we normally will describe men having beer bellies. Again, that’s sort of a fatty liver thing. From a lot of bad diet. I always wanted to mention to, just like everybody else has been saying.

Things that are very inflammatory to the gut and detrimental to our health are gluten, dairy, sugar, and soy.Click To Tweet Those are like the big ones. So, we always want to first try to find the underlying cause and then treat it with natural supplements or food if possible.
The current system that we’re in is very much oriented towards being on a number of different prescriptions. Really that’s benefiting the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance companies, but it is not benefiting us as a whole.Click To Tweet We really need to look and step outside the box, if you will, of our current healthcare system and do something different because the current system, as you know, is just not working.

Dr. Julia, thank you! That is just so awesome. That’s amazing. Again, your chapter is Transforming Your Life – Healing Inflammation and Hormonal Imbalance.

Yes. And my free gift is the Gluten-Free Mediterranean Diet that you can claim on the landing page.

Here’s that landing page www.NoMoreBandAidsBook.com, folks! Make sure you go to that. again, you’ll see the Gluten-Free Mediterranean Diet Plan valued at $49. Dr. Ward is giving it to you for free! Just hit the link to Amazon, buy for $0.99 the book in the digital version, and then come on back to the landing page, put in your information, and claim these gifts. Folks, do it right now! If you’re sitting listening and you’re like, Wow! This has been amazing already, then go on your cellphone, go on your iPad. If you’re listening to this on your laptop then go on some other device and go to the landing page right now www.NoMoreBandAidsBook.com. Thank you, Dr. Ward.

Thank you!

In Chapter 5, The Healing Power of Essential Oils, let me introduce you to Lorna DiMeo. Lorna is Board Certified Clinical Social Worker and has been in private practice for over thirty-five years. Though traditionally trained, she has traveled the globe bringing back to her clients the ancient wisdom and practices focused on healing the body as a whole. She uses a wide range of healing tools and has added the power and magic of essential oils to her practice. Lorna, if you could tell folks about yourself and about the healing power of essential oils.

Hi, everyone!

Essential oils are concentrated liquids derived from plants that have healing, or medicinal, properties. They have been used for thousands and thousands of years.Click To Tweet In ancient Egypt they were used; the priests there were considered physicians as well as perfumers. So, the fragrance present in the essential oils has a wide range of applications. The next time you have a headache try this – instead of grabbing a Tylenol, have some salt to restore your mineral balance and grab the lavender oil. You can diffuse it in your room or apply it topically. Chances are, you’ll feel so much better without any negative side effects. Another use for lavender oil is if you’re very anxious and most people are today. There’s so much anxiety in the world because of what’s happening. Take some lavender oil and some rose oil and combine it and just rub your hands together and you’ll just smell and that will just melt the anxiety away.

I put together this essential oil first aid kit because I thought it would be useful to have this around your house. Now I’ve already spoken about the lavender oil which seems to be the basic oil in every kit. It’s very, very wildly used lavender oil. What’s important is that you make sure your oils are pure. A lot of the oils that are sold today that are very inexpensive (you can get them at Walmart or CVS) have synthetics in the oil. That’s going to make a BIG difference. You don’t want those synthetics getting into your body either through your skin or if you’re inhaling. Some of them are ingestible essential oils such as the ones I have here except tea tree. Tea tree is not ingestible. You have to be very, very careful when selecting your oils.

Ginger is amazing for digestion as well as relieving bloating and constipation. With the Fourth of July coming up and many of us eating things that we haven’t eating in a while, it’s good to have the ginger on hand. Peppermint great if your energy is lagging. I will take it and just sniff it. It just really wakes me up. The combination of frankincense and lavender is really good for allergies. You put a drop of each on your hand, rub your hands together, and inhale. This will relieve your itchy eyes and throat. Sage oil mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil (why we use that combination of oils is because if you put sage just on your body it can cause a rash if you don’t have a carrier oil) is really amazing for sunburn or if you’ve hit yourself on the stove and burned yourself. I had a very bad burn a few years ago when I was in the Caribbean. I was really foolish. One of the guys there actually had a combination of sage and oils and rubbed it all over. Let me tell you, that burn was gone within a couple of hours. It turned a nice brown, and I usually don’t brown; I usually go red. Also, use frankincense to minimize any scar tissue if you’ve burnt yourself.

Tea tree oil in a diffuser will detoxify your home and body. Again, with the COVID-19 we’re looking for natural ways, not spraying Lysol in the air, but use a diffuser with tea tree oil and that will make a big difference in your home.Click To Tweet What I did not add was citronella oil which is really useful if you’re going to be out with the mosquitos or the bugs, especially with the Fourth of July coming up. If you’re very tense and want to relax, rub some valerian root on your feet and massage the bottoms of your feet. You will find that will make a really huge difference.

Lorna, you go over this in your chapter I assume.

And many more!


I have a list of things, so many things like how to make shampoo, how to strengthen your cuticles, I have a whole beauty section. There’s so much in the oils it was hard to know what to choose. I really would like to tell you the story of Suzie because it really hit home for me with my granddaughter.

A family’s world often falls apart when their child, who seemed so normal at birth is diagnosed with autism. The only treatment was medication that had numerous side effects which includes stunting their growth.

There are now essential oils that are specifically formulated for children on the autistic spectrum. One such formulation is called Reconnect™.Click To Tweet

This is Suzie’s story. Suzie had been diagnosed with autism at five and her mother, Margaret, had tried everything available to her in the medical world to treat her daughter but nothing seemed to help her. One day, a friend recommended she try essential oils since they don’t have any harmful side effects. Margaret thought, what the heck? What did she have to lose?

At first, she tried Valor™ which is a blend of oils and Suzie had an almost immediate positive response. After a few months on a combination of oils and specific nutritional supplements like other people here have talked about, Suzie’s mother noticed a remarkable change in her behavior and her ability to express herself which had been a problem her whole life before. Suzie was now a happy little girl like any other her age. Margaret had her daughter back and finally got peace at home, something she had given up on. Just imagine how happy she was.

Now, my granddaughter was diagnosed with ADHD and a whole bunch of other things and she was tough to be with. I mean, I love her dearly, but she was a little oppositional and stubborn and would get angry and whatever. I said to myself, Okay, self. Let’s try her on oils.

I got her a package of oils that was specifically designed for a child that had these kinds of problems. I thought for sure that she would fight me tooth and nail, but when I went to her and I said, “Look, Ella. I have these oils that are just for you. These are very special oils.” We looked at them, we looked at the packages. There were four oils with very specific instructions about what they did, and she said, “Okay, Grandma. Let me go upstairs and try this Sleep Ease™.” And I said to myself, Okay, that was an easy thing to do. She came downstairs and she said she had done it all. Then when we looked through them again, I said, “Why don’t we try the Reconnect™?” Because that was something that would help both sides of her brain. That’s how that oil was blended. She did and the next morning I actually had to wake her up because I was getting ready to leave. Now, this kid does not sleep well. She slept like a log.


When she got up and came downstairs, she said, “How can I help you, Grandma? What can I do for you?” I said to myself, Wow. This is the first time that she hasn’t fought me. “No” is her favorite word, and she actually offered to help. It’s been such a change in my family. I just want all children to have this opportunity. Thank you very much.

Lorna, thank you so much for sharing that. That’s just amazing and such a wonderful thing. Folks, whether you’re concerned for your children, whether you’re ten, whether you’re twenty-five, whether you’re fifty-five, whether you’re seventy-five, or older this book is going to give you information to help yourself, your children, and your entire family. Thank you, Lorna!

Let’s talk about the next chapter, Chapter 6 entitled Generational Health Starts with You. This is written by Dr. Sonza Curtis. Dr. Sonza Curtis was influenced from her lineage of healers, herbalists, and midwives. After practicing as a physician assistant for over a decade and the passing of her father, she started searching for the root cause of her heart disease. She was tired of taking and giving a pill for every ill. Therefore, this led her to pursuing a doctorate in naturopathic medicine followed by certification with the Institute for Functional Medicine. Three D Wellness was founded in 2014, focusing on autoimmune disorders. Let’s discover your innate ability to achieve optimal health by treating the whole person. Welcome, Dr. Sonza!

Welcome! Thank you, Trish, and thanks to all the other authors. Everything’s been great! Thanks to everybody that’s joining. So, yes. It’s interesting because

I often say that natural medicine found me!Click To Tweet My great grandmother was an herbalist and a midwife, and I can remember growing up my dad was in the military, and we would always go down south. My grandmother would line us up and give us these nasty remedies and we were detoxing but I had no idea that’s what it was called at that time. I wish I had the knowledge that they had then, but they didn’t have the science behind it. It just kind of came around.

Then I started having cardiovascular issues. I was diagnosed with hypertension at seventeen years of age. I was running for track, and I was not heavy, skinny, 105. I got dizzy one day and got pulled off. Because of my dad being in the military I had been to like three different high schools in four years, so this was my chance to get a scholarship. I missed that chance of getting the scholarship because I was sick. I was pulled off the team because I had high blood pressure and I passed out. That was what really came full circle, and I decided that I wanted to do something in medicine. Also, looking at my grandmother I can remember my grandmother before the industrial time she gave us all of this. When they came out with Wonder Bread and all those good things that you could get from the store, her health started declining. I can remember her taking like a box full of medicine, a pill box that I would get from her closet and give to her right before she died. That was just bad, but I honestly believe she had autoimmune disease.

Come full circle with my daughter. When she was pregnant with my granddaughter, she started having issues, but let’s back up. About four years prior to that she started having symptoms, but I didn’t know what to do. At that time, I wasn’t a naturopathic doctor and a PA. She started having oral allergy syndrome, she started having hives, she was fatigued, and having panic attacks. I couldn’t understand what was really going on with her. It wasn’t until she got pregnant and the doctor said, “Her TSH is fine.” It was 3.7. “It’s normal.” Okay. But when we did further testing, we found out she had Hashimoto’s. That was the root cause. And so, they had told her that she was allergic to ibuprofen, and she was going to have to take Zyrtec the rest of her life. You don’t want to take Zyrtec while you’re pregnant. When we came around, we took off gluten. At that point she was pregnant so there was nothing else I could do, right? We took off gluten and one of her antibodies resolved. We did a food sensitivity test and at that time, the other antibody was only one point above the normal range, and she now is my patient advocate in my office. She’s totally living her life healthy. My granddaughter is healthy.

I always tell people that what happens in the gut does not stay in the gut!Click To Tweet 75-85% of immunities in your gut as well as 75% of neurotransmitters. I always start with the gut with my patients because I feel that’s the foundation. I think Dr. Ward and others have already said that, so I won’t bore you with this. The main thing is the things that it can cause hormone imbalances and toxins. Stress is the biggest thing in my practice. When I look at an autoimmune disease, it’s self-hating. Usually the body is fighting itself. I focus on just emotional distress, traumas, adverse childhood events, those types of things. I find a commonality between those in autoimmunity.

I have patients do a 21-day gut challenge, and I hate to say “diet” because I always tell my patients the first three letters in diet is “die.” What we want to do is have a lifestyle. I have them remove the bad foods…I call it the food exchange. You remove the bad foods in exchange for nutrient dense foods. Like people have said early, Dr. Ward and the rest, gluten, dairy, sugar, corn, and I also put soy. Then you want to replace digestion.

As we get older, we lose our ability to digest. When we cook our foods, we cook that enzymatic property out, so you want to aid your digestion.Click To Tweet It kind of all depends on where you gut is. We reinoculated with probiotics and people can take natural things such as kombucha and kefir. Then you want to repair the gut lining, so I usually give them a series of glutamine, aloe, something to kind of heal the gut.

Then healthy lifestyle – the biggest thing is people’s sleep. Most of my patients come in and they don’t sleep. If you don’t sleep your body doesn’t go into that reparative where your body can repair itself, and it’s like your fighting against yourself. I just teach people, again like everyone has said, how to tap into their innate ability for their body to heal itself. I also give a 15-minute free discovery call. I didn’t have the gift there, but I want to see if I’m the right fit for you. We give everybody a 15-minute free consult for that.

Dr. Sonza, how do they look into that?

Threedwellness.com. You can find me on Instagram as well and that’s @3dwellness_ga, and if you do to threedwellness.com and fill out the 15-minute discover call I’ll get back to you!

That’s awesome, Dr. Sonza! Thank you so much. It’s such music to my ears! My patients that are out there listening are saying, Wow. That sounds an awful lot like Dr. Trish!

Thank you!

Folks, you’re hearing from the choir here! Thank you so much! I feel like we’re all preaching this stuff individually so much. It’s so nice to hear somebody else talking about it and having my folks, your folks, everybody’s folks realize that wow – this really is the way to go! Thank you so much.

Again, folks, www.NoMoreBandAidsBook.com. If you’re being intrigued by the things you’ve heard, the different avenues of essential oils and working with your children, aging better, hormonal issues…I read on Facebook yesterday that one of my tribe has been reading the book and she wrote on Facebook. She’s probably in her sixties or seventies and she said, “I am so glad I’m reading this book. I wish I knew it when I was younger and raising my kids.” Folks don’t wait! Get this information, pass it on to your children so that the generational health starts with you! Just like Dr. Sonza was saying and her chapter is all about.

Absolutely last but not least is Chapter 7 – Freedom in Fitness. Luke Wade is an international fitness consultant. He is also a second-year TCU MBA student based in Fort Worth, Texas. Luke has helped a multitude of driven women achieve and maintain their fitness goals. Client success is his #1 priority.

Luke’s psychology and nutrition university education as well as years in physical therapy give him an edge in enhancing his clients’ results not only through the psyche and fine-tuned dietary interventionsClick To Tweet but also for post-rehab clients returning from injury. He has especially found this to be the case for professional women. Luke’s mission is to leave widespread lasting impact through 24/7 encouragement, inspiration, longevity, and authenticity. Luke I also heard from folks that have already bought the book…you had a new client reach out to you. That’s awesome! Come on and tell folks about yourself and about your chapter.

Hey everyone! Hi, Trish. Thank you so much for having me out on here today. So, a little about my background. Some of you know a little bit more about my story. I’ve been working in the health and wellness space for about four years. I came back into the industry actually New Year’s Day of 2019 I signed my first client back into the training space. I noticed a pattern because she was my very first one to come back and I noticed a pattern over time. The more and more consultations I had with potential clients and the more clients that signed on,

I noticed this ongoing story in battle against time from these same women that were wanting training.Click To Tweet

If you think about it, for them their normal day consisted of juggling their responsibilities that they had at work. A lot of them were working overtime 50+ hours while also having the responsibility of having to take care of the kids. A lot of them were actually the primary breadwinners of their families, providing the most for them or being the only source of income. They’ve got 110% expected of them 100% of the time. They got to the point where they had pushed their own health and wellness to the side because it had taken so much of their time to make sure that their family and their friends and everyone that they loved were okay to the point where they had jeopardized their health to the point where they didn’t really know what to do about it.

I found a calling to really help with that because this is been the audience that has been the most loyal and receptive to my approach. It’s not just about building your body and that being the only thing. It’s about – how do you approach it holistically? How do you look at a person and really get (I love the way that everyone else has said it) to the root cause of what is really the problem? A lot of it is the psychology behind it. It’s like the belief that thinking that you’re not going to be able to come back from where you are right now. I think with having been in a place like that myself (some of you know more about my personal struggle, I’m not going to go into that here), but I know what that feels like. Being able to have that affect and being able to change the belief systems and I think a little bit of that comes with my psychology and just really wanting to help people in that way as well. You’re really taking them on a life-changing experience. I’m all about the experience in my work and being able to shift those belief systems and get them going on the path that I had them start on first physically because I love the way also that a lot of you mentioned that exercise is medicine and food is medicine. It couldn’t be more true! Being able to help my clients through these avenues has been amazing. I actually go through in my chapter step by step how. I give an example of one of my clients that has been with me now for a little bit over a year. The way that I do my training is you do one exercise after another after another, constantly keeping that heart rate up. I’ve seen the best results from that in my clients.

I go into a story about one of my very first clients, Kristy, who fits the same exact mold back when I was twenty-two working in Baylor University Campus Rec as an undergraduate student personal trainer. It was really interesting to notice a few months back into the space how it like…I saw Kristy and everybody whenever I reflected on it. This is like Kristy because she herself had all of these same problems where she was having some personal issues with family, but she wanted to do her best to be that rock that they needed in that turmoil. It was great to have that experience in some form or fashion helping her on her path to pursue the best version of herself which I’m also now helping women do even outside of the United States. I’ve got clients outside of the US right now that I’m helping with that. Anyways, it’s been awesome to help use the kind of things that we have now today to help on a large scale there. Fort Worth is where I’m primarily based. I do sessions mostly virtually now, but I do some VIP in-person training as well. If this is anything that you feel like you would be interested in doing or you know someone who would benefit from anything that I’ve said in my chapter or have said here, check out my website. It’s www.lukeliftup.com and you’ll find a little bit of information on my services, myself, and what I can do to best support you as I hope that I can if you are interested in something similar to this.

Luke, thank you so much! Of course, busy women just don’t have the time. I hear that all the time, “I don’t have time to exercise.” Well, you can exercise now and stay healthy. You can pay now or pay later kind of thing! You know?

Right, it’s all about efficiency. I meant to mention that earlier because it’s not necessarily not having any time,

it’s about the efficiency. There’s this misconception that you have to go to the gym, and you have to be there for at least an hour to really get much done. It’s about what are you doing within that amount of time that you have?Click To Tweet I’ve got clients that we only go thirty minutes sometimes and it’s even more than a lot of people get done in a whole hour. It’s just about working smarter and not necessarily harder. That’s been really a great way that I’ve been able to see the results in that approach.

That’s awesome. Well, thank you, Luke! Thank you everyone! That’s Chapter 7, that’s the book.

So, folks, you’ve had the opportunity here to meet the authors and to find out more about No More Band-Aids 2.0: Finding Answers in the Broken Medical System. If we’ve piqued your interest, please make sure you go to www.NoMoreBandAidsBook.com and claim your FREE Amazon launch gifts worth over $400! Click that link to go get your digital book and put in your order number when you come back.

Thank you, authors. Thank you everyone that’s come. I am so blessed with a staff that is amazing to be able to make this happen and to be able to get all the authors together and all my staff that have helped get the social media message out about this book. Thank you so much!

Everybody we need to support each other. Please make sure that you go out and buy the book. Make us a bestseller. More than that – spread the word. Make sure everyone out there can learn what you’ve learned about tonight and learn more and more and more. You can take control of your health and transform your life. Every single one of these authors has and I’m sure many of you have learned from these authors already because you are part of either my tribe or their tribe. Just keep helping each other, folks, because we’re all the human family and we just need to learn how to live it better. Thanks everybody for coming! Thanks to all of the authors, and we’ll see you on the next book!


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