D.E.N.T. Program

Put a DENT in your Chronic Diseases with our D.E.N.T. Program

Our most intensive and supportive program is the D.E.N.T. Program. If you have multiple chronic conditions and/or score over 50 on the Medical Symptoms Questionnaire and are motivated to step on the road to restoring and optimizing your health then this is the program for you!

Cut through the myths and overload of information on the internet and learn a focused curriculum based on the top research!

Learn key lifestyle changes to put a DENT in your chronic diseases and optimize your own health

This is a 4-6 Month Program that includes:

  • Personalized and Individualized Functional Medicine Plan for each patient
  • Objective Measurements so you can track and see your improvements
  • Live classes and written curriculum to empower you and guide you on your life changing journey
  • Supplement credit to finance the initial nutraceuticals needed to support your system through the changes
  • Regularly scheduled coaching/mentoring sessions with our providers