D.E.N.T. Program

Put a DENT in your Chronic Diseases with small group classes or individual health coaching.

Our most intensive and supportive program is the D.E.N.T. Program. If you have multiple chronic conditions and/or score over 50 on the Medical Symptoms Questionnaire and are motivated to step on the road to restoring and optimizing your health then this is the program for you! Cut through the myths and overload of information on the internet and learn a focused curriculum based on the top research! Learn key lifestyle changes to put a DENT in your chronic diseases and optimize your own health.

We offer D.E.N.T. education throughout the year in small group classes, meeting in-person or online, led by our health coach. 

Our D.E.N.T. Program is perfect fit if you are looking for:   

  • Accountability and support to ensure you succeed in making healthy changes
  • Live classes to empower and guide you on your life changing journey
  • Direction to help you figure out what you need to do and how to do it


If you prefer a more individualized approach, we also offer 1:1 health coaching. For more information on coaching or classes, please contact discoverhealthcoaching@gmail.com