a recent interview with J.A. Plosker from “The
Nobody Guide to Life” podcast, Dr. Trish Murray
describes how her life experiences and medical training have provided her with
the ability to treat her patients with a whole person approach. Trish’s
intention as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine is to bring a patient’s body,
mind, and spirit into balance to optimize health.

“You can only be as good of a
healer as you are healed yourself,” states Trish. 
Facing a personal injury as a young athlete
and losing her mother to a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease were wounds
that ultimately led her to the path of medicine.  Medical school and shamanic training helped
to mold Trish through her journey to become a powerful healer.

is our health impacting our ability to connect with spirit?  Trish explains that the majority of us are
hypersensitive to our environment and are negatively impacted by toxins, stress,
and emotional baggage.  These factors
cause our consciousness, nervous system, and immune system to become so
depleted that we lose the ability to connect with spirit.  The hypersensitivity and resulting
inflammation become the root cause of chronic disease that many of us are living
with such as anxiety, depression, eczema, psoriasis, autoimmune disease,
irritable bowel syndrome, etc. 

discusses her new book Make a
D.E.N.T. in Chronic Disease: Your Guide to Living Pain Free Through Functional
Medicine, which she wrote with an aim to empower
readers to take control of their own health. 
She explains that if patients and readers are able to discover the root
cause of their imbalances and are willing to start taking the steps outlined in
her book, their immune system can be optimized so that their ability to connect
with spirit is heightened.

provides her #1 tip to guide those on the journey of health and spiritual
growth:  the development of a daily
practice is essential in quieting the sympathetic nervous system and connecting
with self, spirit, and energy.  This
daily practice may only require five to ten minutes of our day and could
incorporate activities such as deep breathing, solitary walking, meditation, or
mantra.  She emphasizes that maintaining
positive emotion like gratitude, compassion, and joy during this practice is crucial.

reminds us that we don’t have to be “rich, famous, or ordained to tap into
wisdom” and that as long as we have the willingness to show up, our mind has
the ability to think and explore, find new ways to grow spiritually, and make
better choices for our physical health.

The complete podcast episode 49 “Wounded Healer, Powerful Healer: Take Charge
of Mind, Body and Spirit” with Dr. Trish Murray is available here: