Medical Symptoms Questionaire

The Medical Symptoms Questionaire (MSQ) is an assessment tool to help you score any symptoms in your body and come up with an overall score. Based on your score and what systems of your body have the most points, you can quickly find out where your health stands and what systems you need to work on to restore and optimize your health. This questionnaire can give you insights and can be a first step toward achieving your goal of living a long, healthy and zestful life.

Here’s how this assessment works:
  • 1. Click the link below and start scoring your different symptoms based on the 4 point scale described.
  • 2. It will tally your overall score
  • 3. People in optimal health typically score less than 25 for a total score
  • 4. If you have scored higher than 25 and are interested in learning how our team can help you restore and optimize your health, then click the link below and schedule a free talk with one of us.
Medical Symptoms Questionaire