It was what I needed to have a sense of community because there are a lot of ways I was thinking about my own health, medical care, nutrition and lifestyle that weren’t shared by people I know, my family or others that I knew in town, so it is a great opportunity to interact with other like minded individuals. I’ve been able to share concerns or ask questions of others that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

My primary care physician was astounded by the difference between May and August, I think if she could have done cartwheels she would have.

I feel much better, and I smile more. My husband lost 5 pounds and I’ve lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks! I feel great and am so happy I’m doing this. Thank you, Dr. Murray!

The support of the staff at Discover Health is amazing. I am so glad that I have these people and this resource in my life! Thank you Discover Health!

I would highly recommend doing the program, for me it’s been life changing!

I have less fatigue, and lost almost 40 pounds, my cholesterol and blood pressure is a lot better too!

We are very glad we came! She taught us some educational things on nutrition and diet which is very helpful, versus trying to change numbers on a chart from a prescription drug and I like that.

I really was able to specifically say “Wow! I don’t feel that anymore and it is because of what I am doing here.

At the end of 4 months I feel as though I have totally transformed and have my life and health back.


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