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Millions of people are suffering from chronic pain which incapacitates them from pursuing their dreams and living a pain-free life. America’s leading drug free pain relief specialist, Dr.Bob Levine, has spent over 30 years researching the root causes of neurological and psychiatric illnesses. In this episode, Dr. Levine joins host Dr. Trish Murray to talk about how you can not only relieve your pain, but also block the pain completely drug free. Dr. Levine shares stress relief based approaches and guided meditation that are complementary to people’s health. He also explains why the conscious and subconscious mind can affect a human’s performance and how you can remove all your corrupt mindset to improve your health.

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Interview With Dr. Bob Levine, America’s Leading Drug Free Pain Relief Specialist

I’m going to be interviewing Dr. Bob Levine, who is America’s Leading Drug-Free Pain Relief Specialist.

Dr. Trish, how are you?

I’m great. Welcome to the show. I’m so glad to have you here.

It’s great to be here. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

First of all, Dr. Bob Levine receives his Pharmacology PhD from George Washington University and spent over 30 years researching the root causes of neurological and psychiatric illnesses. Dr. Levine also practices complementary and alternative medicine modalities including mind-body therapies, guided meditation, acupuncture, soft tissue therapy, movement education and holistic nutrition. After conducting research for nine years at the National Institutes of Health, he joined the Wayne State University Department of Psychiatry in 1984 and then in 1993, he joined Henry Ford Health Systems as the Director of the Gossett Neurology Labs. He then transitioned in 2012 into corporate wellness resources to provide innovative solutions for improving health and human performance, which ultimately can reduce healthcare costs.

He has received numerous federal grants, edited five books and published over 80 articles. For the past several years, Dr. Levine has used natural non-pharmacological approaches in large in-person group wellness programs for the relief of chronic pain, stress, symptoms of stress-related conditions and chronic medication usage. That’s an amazing background and in a very traditional setting of research with the NIH and out into complementary and alternative holistic medicine and modalities. Help us understand your background and what’s led you to where you are now?

I started out doing brain research. It’s a very fascinating work at the highest levels and I enjoyed that so much. What happened was as a result of my college football days playing, it’s a very devastating sport with a lot of smashing. I had some concussions and a lot of injuries. In 1994 and 1995, I developed a bad back and hip problem. Conventional care, unfortunately, was not able to help me. I had the diagnosis of severe degenerative osteoarthritis in both hips. I was told by my conventional medical MD friends that I was going to have to suffer with it and take pain meds as needed, wait as long as possible and then go for hip replacements of which I would eventually need.

That answer wasn’t suitable for me and I wanted to get out of pain. I started exploring alternative therapies. In my mind, in those days, that was voodoo therapy because the way all of us have thought in conventional medicine is if there’s no data to support something, then it’s not real. Show me the data and then I’ll believe it. In reality, even in conventional medicine, it’s commonly understood that more than 70% of all procedures and approaches in conventional care are not evidence-based. That was my thinking at the time, but I was more interested in healing that I was to have that opinion that it was voodoo therapy. I pursued alternative therapies. It cost me a lot of time and a lot of money.

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There was nobody around like you or me to guide me at that time on what to do and how to get out of pain. After all of this long train of about a dozen different therapies, I finally was able to unlock the pain and be pain-free and back to sports and back to being active. It was terrible having that condition because I felt broken down. I was not happy, I was limping and I was putting on weight. It was a bad situation. The alternative therapy chain that I traveled down, the train that I took down the road I went on, finally got me out of pain. It was great. I was back in sports and then I realized, “I’ve got to help out all these people with chronic pain.” We have over 110 million Americans suffering from chronic pain. I had started getting training and all these alternative modalities that you mentioned. I realized that we were going to need to get data on some of this stuff, what worked and what didn’t work. I trained myself and how to do clinical trials when I was at the Henry Ford Health System. We did a lot of clinical trials testing some of these alternative therapies.

That ultimately led to me conducting large group programs with corporations, where we helped a lot of people, not only reduce pain but eliminate pain. We were tracking pain elimination, which is not done by very many people. We were tracking the percentage of chronic pain conditions that were eliminated in those studies. We collected some interesting data at that time. That was a fun time to be helping a lot of people. We collect the data on 1,500 people showing dramatic effects up to 40% elimination of all chronic pain conditions without drugs. That’s led me to where I am, where I have a strong understanding of how to get people out of structural, neuromuscular pain. We offer both in-person programs and online programs for this.

That’s a parallel for both of us and it’s interesting how when I have guests on and I always love to ask that first question because each of us has our own personal journey out there. Most people in the integrative medicine world, the functional medicine world, complementary and alternative medicine world. Whatever term you want to call it, has had some personal experience that the traditional medical model has not helped us. I experienced that myself and people that have been followed my show know that I was a relatively elite athlete and had an injury in my late teens, early twenties. Life completely changed. I went to surgeons. I went to my primary care and they didn’t have any answers for me and I was lost. The bottom line is if you pursue and you’re a perseverant person, you’re going to keep looking for answers. We just keep looking. We try and we ended up healing ourselves because we look out there for other answers, which is all about what we’re doing.

Isn’t it true that everyone heals themselves? We’re just guides in the process. Some people are great guides and other people are not so great guides. The bottom line is the human being heals themselves with the right inputs.

The human body is alive and it’s brilliant. Many times, how many people that had something wrong and you say, “I’m going to give it some time and then it gets better?” You don’t even have to end up in any medical provider’s office because the body will come to balance. The body will come to health if you give it what it needs. Bob, you told me that your mission in life is to help hundreds of millions of people get pain and stress-free without drugs. What’s your game plan for accomplishing this?

That’s a big job. When I recognize the number of people that are in chronic pain and how much help they need and I realized what it took me to get out of pain. That’s when I started doing the in-person group programs. I can deliver in-person group programs for many hundreds of people at the same time. I’ll get great results in terms of chronic pain reduction and chronic pain elimination. Also, stress is relieved based on our approaches. Anxiety is relieved, depression symptoms relieved and sleep disturbances are also relieved. This is all done with clinically validated scales.

What I realized in the process of doing all these in-person group programs for several thousand people is that we need to help a lot more than several thousand people. We need to be helping millions of people get themselves out of pain. That’s when Charlene and I, she’s my boss and the owner of Corporate & Community Wellness Resources. We decided to make the move and our team make the move to go online with programs because with online programs, you can get traction with many more people than you can with an in-person program. However, in our online programs, we use the same approaches that we have used to help people in person. We always use approaches that where we don’t need to touch anybody. I have a one-on-one internet-based practice for clients who want to get my services.

It’s like this, Trish, where I’ll spread the camera out a little bit, I’ll do some demonstrating of what they need to do. I’ll provide them with all the support materials that they need and they get themselves out of pain. They get themselves out of stress. They improve their health based on what I can do with them in my one-on-one practice. The way to get the best traction is through online programming. We’ve developed and we released a program called Drug-Free Pain Relief Made Easy. We’ll still do in-person things with businesses and in-person programming. Some of the businesses that we’ve worked with like the in-person approach and others are happy to get the cost savings involved with going online and also we can reach a lot more people.

DH 49 | Drug Free Pain Relief

Drug Free Pain Relief: The way all of us have thought in conventional medicine is if there’s no data to support something, then it’s not real.


That’s awesome because in this day and age, we are not on every street corner as far as these types of modalities, in the background you have in the background I have. I work with people one-on-one. I’m a traditional doctor working out of my office, but I also too, in order to reach many and to be able to help more people, we’ve got to be able to put this material through online programs. Also, telemedicine is taking off like gangbusters and we’re helping more people be able to get what they need, to hear you for creating that type of material for people. Help people understand, what did the methods look like? What types of things are you presenting in your online materials to help people get a sense of what it is about?

We have a lot of different courses and what we’ve done with Drug-Free Pain Relief Made Easy is we pulled some of the most important information out of each of our programs. For instance, future visioning is something that is vital for everybody who’s in their life, for everything in their life but including their health. What is a person’s future vision? What are they thinking and what are they saying about their health as they move forward into the future? The issue with chronic pain patients, Dr. Trish, is that they’ve been through so much already. They’ve tried so many things, they’ve seen so many experts and yet for some reason, whatever they’ve tried hasn’t worked for them.

There’s a lot of resignation like, “Nothing can work for me. It’s not going to happen and it might work for somebody else and it might be great but I don’t think that it’s going to help me out.” That’s a big problem because even though what we do can reach a lot of people, it doesn’t always resonate with them because of their resignation. The fact that they don’t think they can get help. We do a lot with future visioning to ensure that people understand how their current future vision, which we call a corrupt future vision if it doesn’t serve them going forward. If somebody is thinking, “That can’t possibly help me. That’s too simple. I don’t have what it takes to get out of pain. There’s something wrong with me anyway.”

All that thinking is causing an issue in terms of getting what they want, which is to be pain-free and in optimal health. We train them in future visioning, which is important. That’s the first step is something that we do with everybody no matter what. We also use guided meditation because we want people to access their own subconscious mind. People do not have ready access to their own subconscious. It’s a subconscious mind that controls life. If the conscious mind wants to go to the direction to the right, and the subconscious mind says go left, we go left every time. The subconscious mind always wins. If the conscious mind says go right and the subconscious is aligned, we go to the right and we get the result we want. I always say that any result that anybody’s gotten that they wanted to get, they got that because the subconscious mind was not interfering and was in fact probably supportive of that.

Guided meditation is fantastic because people can learn to access their subconscious mind and gain control of it and have the subconscious mind supporting what the conscious mind wants to do. They can get the results they want. If they want the result to be pain-free, stress-free, to sleep well, lose the anxiety, be free of depression symptoms, they can get all those different results including things like improving relationships and making more money and getting higher performance levels. The future visioning process and the subconscious mind access and reprogramming that a person does on their own for what they want, those are two big components.

Everything you’re saying is so emphatically important for people to understand. I talked to people about patterning, we develop brainwave patterns. We develop structural connective tissue patterns because of repetitive behaviors or repetitive beliefs. I say to my patients many times, our subconscious mind is a billion times more powerful than our conscious mind until you bring something to consciousness and then you’re able to take the conscious act of being able to shift and it change your subconscious patterns but it’s going to take time and it’s going to take effort. As you’re saying, the idea of looking at the future from a more hopeful, from a more gratitude or empathetic or compassionate perspective. Also with set vision in mind, you can start to shift these patterns and your brain will come along with you. The conscious mind, once you bring something to consciousness, is more powerful than the subconscious mind. Would you agree with that, Bob?

I would say that the conscious mind is never more powerful because it’s not a struggle. If it’s a struggle, that means the subconscious mind has control. If there’s no struggle, the subconscious mind has acquiesced. It was released, it’s aligned. To me, the subconscious mind is like a computer wired program. It’s doing its thing. It’s not a conscious saboteur. It’s like, “Go left,” and we go, “I want to go right.” Once we can harness the power of the subconscious mind to say, “Subconscious mind, support us in going to the right here.” The subconscious mind, “We can harness that power and then get that support.”

That’s when the conscious mind is at its maximum power because it doesn’t have the subconscious mind blocking it in any way. You mentioned something about the pattern. I consider myself an automatic pattern recognition and interruption experts. We use a technique called APRI, Automatic Pattern Recognition and Interruption. Automatic patterns develop early in life and they run people throughout their lives and people have no clue that they’re stuck in these automatic patterns. That’s why people are stuck with results that they don’t want. Everything we do is geared toward recognizing what the automatic pattern is and then interrupting it. We want to do things fast. We don’t want to take a lot of time. It should be easy and quick for people to recognize their patterns and interrupt those patterns and be free of them. They’re free to the future vision, whatever they want.

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The automatic patterns drive all of the corruptions of the future vision, which has people thinking that they can’t get the result they want. Once you interrupt something that’s automatic, we’re free of it. That’s the beauty of the APRI method. That’s everything we do is geared toward that. You mentioned repetitive motion or repetitive patterns, the average person takes between 30,000 and 50,000 repetitive movements every day. Most people are conducting those movements improperly and in an unbalanced way. It’s obvious people are right-hand dominant, right-side dominant or left-handed, left-side dominant. That’s going to be a pattern that sets up, that can wreak havoc. All these automatic movement patterns are ultimately the big part of what keeps chronic pain locked in place.

In our programs, it’s imperative that we teach people about automatic patterns of repetitive movement and how to interrupt those and be free of those patterns so that they can then be free of the chronic pain that they’re in. We call them Physical Activities of Daily Living. How to walk properly, run properly, sit and stand, bend and reach, lift all those things. Bending and reaching is probably the most repetitive motion that anybody does. We have ways of helping people understand how to do this properly. It’s amazing that’s part of the process that gets people out of pain.

What methods do you use to try and unwind those patterns?

We use videos. We teach proper walking, proper sitting and standing, proper bending and reaching, proper lifting. These are all videos that we offer people who take our programs so they can see what there is to do. We also provide PDFs to give them instructions on what to do. There are pictures of muscles that are being contracted and muscles that should be contracted and that’s one of the tips we can give. We use all that support and that we teach people how to do these activities of daily living properly every day.

You also talk about Automatic Pattern Recognition and Interruption method. Do you call that the APRI method?

Yes, the APRI method.

It sounds to me somewhat similar to the emotional freedom technique. Are you familiar with that? Is there a similarity in concept there?

The emotional freedom technique is a cool technique and it helps people interrupt patterns. Everything that every practitioner on the planet Earth wants to do, whether they’re a conventional medical practitioner, doctor or chiropractor, acupuncturist, neuromuscular therapist, massage therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, everybody wants to help people make changes so they can improve their health. Another thing that we do in our programs is we teach people what new awareness they need. That change has two steps, new awareness of the right type and then an effective change strategy. A person’s existing level of awareness will never allow them to change. If they’ve wanted to change for a while and they haven’t been able to, they need new awareness to have a chance to make the change. New awareness alone is insufficient.

DH 49 | Drug Free Pain Relief

Drug Free Pain Relief: The conscious mind is at its maximum power when it doesn’t have the subconscious mind blocking it in any way.


I know I need to eat less or I know I need to move around more or I know I need to be careful when I’m lifting things up or bending and reaching. I don’t know what to do to make this all happen. You needed an effective change strategy. Ours is APRI. It’s the Automatic Pattern Recognition Interruption system along with future visioning, guided meditation and teaching proper, physical activities of daily movement. We have another technique called Effective Muscle Release, which is phenomenal. I wanted to stop here and say that the reason ours is distinguished from EFT in the sense that we’re covering so many different areas of the automatic pattern.

Do you do acupuncture as well?

I used to do acupuncture. I don’t do it anymore because I don’t need it. I don’t want to have to stick people with needles when I can teach them over the internet what there is to do. If anybody who’s diagnosed with cancer should definitely get with a traditional Chinese medicine person acupuncture is because acupuncture has a phenomenal way of doing internal organ energetic balancing. I always recommend that for somebody who’s got some internal organ disorder. It may not be cancer, but it could be an internal organ disorder. Acupuncture can play a vital role there. I don’t use it anymore.

I bring that up also because EFT uses tapping on particular acupuncture points.

There are so many different types of acupuncture like auricular or ear acupuncture.

You were involved with one of the first surgeries with acupuncture use as anesthesia. Tell us about it.

We used electro-acupuncture and we also used hypnosis, which I delivered for an ACL, Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstructive knee surgery. That’s a very invasive surgery where they opened the knee up. There’s bone drilling and they screwed titanium screws. We did that surgery in Henry Ford Health System without any general or spinal anesthesia. The patient was awake the whole time. They didn’t want to do the anesthetic because they were concerned about it. They wanted to be free of that. I told them that we could definitely help them get through the surgery without that. We had an anesthesiologist standing by ready to deliver anesthetic in case the patient needed it, but they didn’t need it the whole time. They had a guided meditation audio track that they listened to. I trained them for about an hour and a half total training about five days before the surgery. It was hardly anything. They listen to the track about three or four days, went and did the two-and-a-half-hour surgery, awake the whole time and out of surgery and back to work quickly. It was a phenomenal result and it goes to show you the power of the mind.

The power of the mind and the fact that a lot of us out here we think we’ve seen that maybe in Japan or China, in the places where acupuncture comes to historically, but it sounds like you were doing that right here in the United States with a real patient.

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That anterior cruciate ligament reconstructive knee surgery was on national television. Sometimes you have a feeling that you need to do something like getting the notoriety for something like that. I called in the film crews and said, “Let’s do this. Let’s film this surgery. This is going to be good.” It worked great. They filmed it and it was on national TV. I have videos of it. It’s a great result.

Bob, let’s shift a little bit. In our day and age with chronic stress, people are under an enormous amount of stress and you always emphasize the importance of dealing with stress and pain at the same time. Help people understand why is this?

I know you have ways of dealing with stress, Dr. Trish and that’s important. I always tell people, if you’re working with the practitioner who’s attempting to get you out of some chronic pain condition and they’re not helping you distress at the same time, it’s vital to get another practitioner in the mix. You can work with that practitioner to relieve stress, interrupt the automatic stress reactions. You got to deal with the pain and stress at the same time and the reason being is that we all have an automatic stress reaction. That automatic stress reaction has an effect on the whole body.

Somebody might go to a practitioner who’s getting them out of pain and they feel good and it’s helpful and they leave the practitioner’s office and then they get triggered by something that has triggered them many times before. They have an automatic stress reaction and that automatic stress reaction automatically patterned. The person has a very similar stress reaction. Some people clench their teeth, some people raise their shoulders up and tense all the muscles in their upper body. Some people curl the toes of their feet and it can be any combination of things. That’s why everybody has a unique global, automatic pattern that involves so many components, which is why we deal with all of these different components of the automatic pattern in our APRI method.

They hit the stress reaction, and then that ultimately throws them back into their chronic pain condition. It could be an hour, a day, a week and could be a month. After a while, most people without addressing stress at the same time and knowing how to relieve their stress, they’ll migrate back into pain. They’ll go back and see the provider again or they’ll say, “That provider didn’t do well for me. That stuff doesn’t work.” It’s us that is causing things not to work. I always encourage practitioners to develop the expertise that they have and then make sure they expand their expertise into, “How can we help people relieve stress at the same while we’re trying to get them out of chronic pain?”

Dr. Bob, I couldn’t resonate with that anymore in the essence that we’ve talked about patterning. Humans are emotional beings first and rational being second. Our brain is wired and our emotional centers are more active that are rational centers. Many of us have done something, fight with our spouse or whatever and walked away from the engagement and said, “I can’t believe I even said that or did that.”

I call that an automatic pattern. That’s the automatic pattern that kicks in and then you’re, “Why did I do it? Why am I doing this over and over again? Why am I getting the same result?” That is the automatic pattern that needs to be interrupted.

That’s exactly what I’m talking about. We get also emotionally set in our patterns. We set up this automatic response. It sounds like you’re giving people many multiple tools to try and get in at those patterns to be able to shift them.

DH 49 | Drug Free Pain Relief

Drug Free Pain Relief: We deal with pain and stress at the same time because of our automatic stress reactions.


You brought up a great point. You talked about getting an argument with the spouse. We did a whole module on communication because the subconscious mind is constructed predominantly in language. It’s our thoughts. It’s our thinking that comprises the subconscious mind besides a few grunts and groans occasionally. If people don’t understand the language of the subconscious mind and the language of the future vision, we have specific language that’s important to utilize when speaking about the future vision or thinking about what do we want to accomplish.

The communication we teach is simple. I taught thousands of people that have communication training for years. Charlene and I have done relationship coaching. We love coaching together in relationships with couples, especially because it’s the pattern. It’s the patterns that keep people going at each other as two pit bulls stuck. Until one person interrupts the pattern, there’s no freedom. They’re stuck. When one person interrupts the pattern, all of a sudden there’s freedom. Freedom to change and its new territory. Our communication module teaches simple aspects of communication. It is that simple.

Even though I’ve done all this brain research and I’ve been doing higher education with my PhD and learning holistic health practices and teaching myself how to do clinical trials, running all these clinical trials. I’m a simple-minded person. Everything has to be simple for me. If they’re not simple I go, “I don’t get it. I have to break things down into simple parts.” That’s what we’ve done in our program Drug-Free Pain Relief Made Easy. That’s why all of our in-person programs are so successful with thousands of people because we keep it simple and we make it easy. In fact, that’s why we call our program Drug-Free Pain Relief Made Easy.

That’s what it all should be or people aren’t going to be successful. Myself also, I’ll teach people extremely basic concepts. I was a high school teacher for ten years before I ever went into medical school. That was also a statement within our education to be a teacher. Keep it simple for stupid or help people aren’t going to stay with you because it’s too complicated. You speak often about how drugs are Band-Aids. Walk people to understand what you mean by that.

I went into pharmacology, brain research and we use pharmacology tools. We use drugs to test systems. One of the most amazing things was drugs have been held up on a pedestal for so long. One of the first drugs that I got involved with was an l-DOPA, which is a precursor in the brain to dopamine, which is important for our movement. In Parkinson’s disease, which I have a strong background and I studied that for many years. Patients are given l-DOPA because the l-DOPA that they take orally gets into the brain, gets converted to dopamine, and all the Parkinsonian movements are alleviated when somebody gets treated with l-DOPA. That was a miracle drug back in the ’60s. Looking at what we were doing with it, they took people who were shaking and baking and do have all these movement issues. They would take the l-DOPA and they would be still perfect.

What the medical doctors didn’t relate to all of us in basic laboratory research was that the l-DOPA has a short life span. It would last maybe approximately four years and then its beneficial effects were done. We had to move on to other kinds of drugs, which weren’t as effective. Dopamine agonists or drugs that hit the dopamine receptors in the brain that were attempting to restore normal movement. As I thought about it and I studied things, I started getting into holistic health and I realized, “What’s going on here?” These drugs are not addressing the underlying source of an illness.

When I lecture anybody, physicians or whoever it is, I always say, “I can assure you there’s never been a drug invented that addresses the underlying source of an illness.” I never get arguments from anybody because we realize it. It’s the way it is. The drugs can be helpful. They can be a great Band-Aid or they can be a great automatic pattern interruption mechanism or approach. They can be really poor Band-Aids or they can be used in the long run for a long time. Some people get on drugs and their doctors are telling them, “You’ve got to stay on that drug forever for the rest of your life.” I say, “What happened to drug holidays where we take a break from the drug?” Every day we’re a new person. We learned something. We talked to people and we somehow interrupt automatic patterns, whether it’s through you or me.

It can happen spontaneously, although not that fast, but it can happen. People are different. They proceed through life. Each segment of life, they can be a different person. Why not I do a drug holiday and see where they are? They still need the drug. You get me started on drugs. I can talk about clinical trials that were done. It was such an abomination to society and in our population. I always advise people, if you’re on long-term meds, figure out if there’s a way to get off them. Some people need long-term med forever. It’s not that many, but there’s some. If you can figure out how to get off it, let’s get you off it so that you don’t have those potent chemicals in your body all the time creating side effects everywhere.

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This is why functional medicine is the future of chronic disease medicine because we’re all about the root cause. We go through an entire life history with someone. We take the 30,000-foot view and say, “What are the triggers? What are the mediators? What are the antecedents as to why this person at whatever age they’re at is experiencing what they’re experiencing?” When you bring up Parkinson’s, it’s inflammatory and autoimmune to the nervous system. That starts decades before it ever shows up.

Also the automatic pattern.

It’s a multifactorial approach.

You never snap your fingers and this eases there. It doesn’t come on fast.

It’s decades especially for any chronic disease, it doesn’t start now. It started years ago and it has to do with your everyday lifestyle, your everyday habits, behaviors and the patterns we’ve been talking about. It has to be looked at and dug into to get to know each and every individual. You don’t fit a study. Studies are important. I’m not trying to dis them in any way, shape or form. They help us learn, but at some point, we have to look at the individual and understand them as a personal being with a history that brought them to where they are. What are the best tools of all the different modalities they’re going to help you?

A couple of other important concepts that I’ve learned is that a unimodal approach, meaning a single therapy, is unlikely to help a person eliminate a chronic condition. It takes a multimodal approach, many different modes of therapy. I know in your practice you do that, Dr. Trish and we do it too. That’s why we talk about future visioning, guided meditation, effects of the muscle release, functional activities of daily living, communication module and all these different ways of approaching the global pattern. If you want the free gift, which is Dr. Bob’s Top Ten Tips for Relieving Chronic Pain, all you have to do is take out your cell phone and text the letters, DRGIFT and text that to the number 64600. When you do that and you send the text, you’ll get a text back telling you exactly what to do to get the free gift. It also is a link to a free webinar that they’ll get as part of it. If you’re out there and you want this free gift, I’d love to give it to you. You get to know me a little bit more and see what information I have for you. That’d be wonderful.

Dr. Bob, thanks for that. I’m new to this tech concept, I’m going to review it because you explained it perfectly. For me, make sure you type the number you’re texting too is the 64600 and then the message you’re putting in the area is DRGIFT. You’re going to get Dr. Bob’s Top Ten Tips for living a pain and stress-free life. How about that link to that free webinar that’s going to happen too, correct?

Yes, they’ll get the link to the free webinar. The free webinars are starting in December and we’re going to run several of the same webinars. It’s the roadmap to a pain-free life. There’ll be running before we start the program in January. If somebody is pumped up and they want to go right to find out about the Drug-Free Pain Relief Made Easy Program, they want to purchase it. They don’t have to purchase it to find out about it. They can go to EZPainFree.com. When they go to that link, they can learn about the program, they can see some videos that I’ve put in there describing the program. At the very end, if they want to, they can purchase the program. I like the way you explained that free gift texting because you were even more specific than I am. You’re texting to the number and the message you’re giving is this.

DH 49 | Drug Free Pain Relief

Drug Free Pain Relief: You got to know that the next thing you try is going to work even if you don’t know how it’s going to work.


It’s important because I’m new to this easy concept. It’s awesome. I’m going to be having one of the easy cards like you, Dr. Bob pretty soon. When I first was exposed to it, I’m not the most technical person even though I’m here on this show. I need to break it down.

I worked that way too. To me, I’m very process-oriented. I break everything. You probably don’t notice about me, but I’m an instrument-radio pilot. I’m a certified flight instructor and I’ve flown thousands of hours. To me, it’s all about systems and processes. Everything is step-by-step. You can break anything down. That’s how I developed all the communication stuff that we did that we deliver because it’s all about the process of how do you communicate to be effective? I give those steps out to people.

Are there any other places where people can reach out to that you would recommend or those two that you’ve said the focus of this?

You can also text, DRBOB, to 64600, but both of those, the DRGIFT and DRBOB get to my card. There’s a lot of information on there. They can also go to the website if they want to, which is StressAndPainFreeLiving.com. There are other 360 sites that were developed by Ray Perez. That link is MeetDrBob.com. When they go there, there’s a whole bunch of different choices. They can connect with me on social media there. They can also watch a couple of videos, which are fun to watch. There are a couple of intro videos on me and my background.

Dr. Bob, you and I could be talking for hours about the different patterns and the stress and the pain and how people need to keep seeking different answers and coming at it from different modalities. You’ve got to shift that subconscious mind to be shifting and coming along with the conscious.

I’m going to give everybody a quick tip.

I’m going to ask you to tell everybody what’s your number one secret for living a healthy life?

There are too many number one secrets because there’s a secret for each of the modules that we covered. Remember I said about teacher visioning. You’ve got to know that the next thing you try is going to work, even if you don’t know how it’s going to work. If that doesn’t work, you have to know the next one is going to work. We always say you have to want it and all of our patients want it because they’re coming to see us. They have to believe it. That’s where the resignation comes in. Most people don’t believe it because they’re resigned so they have to understand. We could let go of the resignation that I believe there is an answer out there for me.

Resistance is the source of all ill health. Click To Tweet

The last thing is you have to know it. They know that there’s an answer. It’s going to happen. If not this one, the next one. If not the next one, it’s the one after that. I was thinking about communication. There was a great tip I wanted. In communication, if people will slow down their speaking a little bit and focus on the words that are coming out of their mouths and they can then evaluate what they’re saying, “Does this fit with what I want in my future vision? The results I want to produce? Is this consistent?” If somebody said, “I never have what it takes to go to the gym.” Is that consistent with going to the gym and having a great workout experience and exercise experience? No.

People want to simply pay attention to what you’re thinking and pay attention to what you’re saying so that you can see, “Does that fit with what I want in my true future vision? Not that corrupted one, the true one.” The other thing I wanted to say was these automatic patterns develop early in life. We too, our Drug-Fee Pain Relief Made Easy program, we look at life along the whole lifespan because the pattern sets up early and it’s running the whole life. That’s why the older we get, people who are stuck in automatic pattern thinks, “I can’t stand this anymore. I’m getting the same result over and over again. Why is that?” It’s because their pattern keeps running. We also analyze starting early in life and then we teach people how to interrupt those patterns and when they interrupt them, they’re free and then they’re free to create anything they want.

That whole concept reminds me of the concept out there of mindfulness. Be mindful and conscious of exactly what are the thoughts in your mind and what are you doing this moment? Pay attention to that and what are the words that you are mindful of.

I’m thinking, every time you say something, I go, “That’s great. That’s fantastic comment.” The tip is if people are having thoughts that they don’t want to have, what do they typically do when they’re having the thoughts that they don’t want to have? The thoughts that keep them from going back to sleep at night. What do they do? They resist those thoughts. There’s a concept that’s got to be universally accepted by everybody on the planet. Whatever we resist will persist. If we resist those thoughts that were thinking because we want them to go away. We try to push them away. We try to bury them. Burying something is resistance. Ignoring something is resistance. Those thoughts will persist. That will keep people up at night.

What there is to do and I’ve done this with many people is to allow the thoughts to be there. Be accepting of those thoughts. Be okay with it if they’re there. Knowing that in the next future vision moment, they’re going to disappear. You got to know that, you had to trust yourself. When you’re being accepting or open to the fact that those thoughts are there, let them go. In fact, that tells people, “Accelerate your mind. Race it, get it going faster. See if you can do that.” After a while they go, “I’m done with that,” and then they go back to sleep.

Resistance in my view is the source of all this ease, the source of all ill health because people get a diagnosis, they start resisting it or actually they resist their pain. They have a pain and then they move away from that pain. That’s resistance. Moving away from that pain sets up all these automatic patterns around a movement that caused the pain to get worse and worse. You can only move away from the pain long before the pattern catches up and then there’s no more, you can only move a certain amount and then you’re done moving away. I see people walking down the street because they moved away from the pain so much. Identify the automatic pattern of resistance and let it go. Take a breath. Everything starts with a breath. You take a breath and you have the intention of letting go the resistance. Being okay with what’s going on. You don’t have to agree. That’s the key. It’s being accepting with or without agreement.

With that Bob, don’t forget, everybody, text to the number 64600 and type in DRGIFT. You also can look Dr. Bob up and get a lot more information about him and shares and a lot more of his tips on 64600 DRBOB. Don’t also forget to go to EZPainFree.com. Bob, thanks so much for spending time with me. It seems like we’re going to need to have some more conversations because we got a lot in common and stay tuned people for such some other times where Dr. Bob may be back on this show. We may do some other things together. Bob, thank you so much.

Dr. Trish, thank you for having me. It’s always a pleasure. You’re a wealth of information. You work in an area that is different from mine. We are so complementary. I’m looking forward to us working together and figuring out how to get all the information and all the help that we know how to deliver to people, getting it out there to the masses. Everybody will be hearing from us in the near future when we team up to get it out there.

DH 49 | Drug Free Pain Relief

Drug Free Pain Relief: Moving away from the pain sets up all these automatic patterns around movement that causes the pain to get worse and worse.


To help hundreds of millions of people get pain and stress-free without drugs. Thanks so much, Bob. 

Thank you. Take care, Dr. Trish.

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